Thursday, January 12, 2017

Craftsy's Bogo Event going on this weekend

I love getting things free, and amazing classes are perfect for winter days. Learning and doing things keeps me out of trouble. So I am so excited to get a new class for those long winter months. I thought I would share a couple pair ups with you since Friday Craftsy is starting their BOGO class event. see the bottom of my post for all the details or click here

Here are some of my pair-ups: For Craftsy's BOGO event on all classes!

For a sweet treat:

Celebrate with cookies And The Perfect Cupcake once you know how to make the perfect cupcake and cookie, you will never ever have to buy them in the store, and they are both worth the money, it has saved me money not to buy cupcakes for birthday parties, and cookies for celebrations! both classes are really good choices if you like being in the kitchen. My kids love watching these two classes also and then helping me in the kitchen. Here is my class review for The Perfect Cupcake. Look for my class review for Celebrate with cookies in February!

For healthy fun in the kitchen I recommend:

Make the Most of your Food Processor with Greorge Geary and Guilt-Free Comfort food with Anna Bullett You will be using your food processor a lot in these classes! Both instructors are amazing at what they do, and I was so captivated by the content and knowledge that they taught! These two classes can really help you eat healthier with lots of flavors. With the help of a food processor, it makes short work of eating healthier! These classes also make cooking in the kitchen fun! Here is my blog post for Making the most of your food processor, and Creating Guilt Free Comfort Food with Anna

For watercolor: I have 3 pair ups

Luminous Watercolor and Simple and stunning watercolor techniques If you are thinking about starting watercolor, or need a push to get out of a rut, these classes are perfect, I learned so much from both instructors, It's tricky to get the right color in watercolor, but with a limited pallet you can do so much, Kateri teaches that for you! Mary Murphy does such a great job explaining in-depth about brushes, pigment, styles, and unique ways to stretch yourself as an artist.Both are wonderful for any skill level that wants to take their paintings to the next level. Here is my class review link for Luminous Watercolor and Simple and Stunning Watercolor Techniques. 

Painting florals in Watercolor
Kristy Rice's Getting Started Watercolor Fresh Florals and Anna Mason's step by step Painting Realistic florals. I love painting and creating flowers, and watercolor is the perfect medium to paint florals. These two teachers teach their unique style in painting their florals and pairing them together, learning from them will help you become a better floral watercolorist. Art is a process, and I love each style, taking these two classes helped me with my techniques and skills. My best advice is to keep practicing! This is a class you could practice over and over until you get it right! You can see my two class reviews for Kristy's Class and for Anna's Class both have great youtube channels too!

Angela Fehr's Better Paintings with watercolor Sketching and Watercolor Flower Bouquet with Mary Murphy. I like these two classes together because they teach you about creating the whole painting, it's not technique based, it's looking and painting with the whole picture in mind, from start to finish. They expect you to know your style, or to have a knowledge of how to paint and then take you through from start to finish, this is a very open-ended class that can really jump start your finished painting! Here is my Class review for Angela's Class, Look for my blog post review from Mary soon!

If you love mixed media, I have the perfect pair up!

Painting With Water Based Media with Nina Weiss and Mix it up Mixed Media Step by Step with Lindsay Weirich aka The Frugal Crafter Both instructors are amazing at mixed media, I love both of their styles, I have really enjoyed learning from them. There is a ton of information that you can branch of off with these two classes, They are worth your time and money!

Paper Crafting: With Pigment:
Water Color Cards with Depti Malik and Wild Cards with Catherine Pooler
These two classes go very well together, I find using watercolor and ink can really make your cards look amazing! Both classes offer unique styles to help you use your supplies is ways that are stunning! Both classes have about the same material list or are very open ended to the materials, You can get away with using all inks, or watercolor. Both have great ideas to make your cards look amazing! My best advice for these two classes would be to use what you have, most times one medium or tool can be used in different ways! I have a class review for both: Depti's Watercolor Cards and Catherine Poolers Wild Cards Both classes are excellent resourcesfor paper crafters!

Paper Crafting with paper and tools
Cards with Dimension with Daniel Flanders and Fresh Eyes on your Card Making supplies with Mariam Prantner. Both teachers really love layers, and using supplies in their own exclusive style that you can imitate to make it yours! They both love paper and layering it, and making cards into really neat works of art that you can be proud of! Here is a blog post that was inspired by Daniel's Cards with Dimension, and here is my blog post for Mariam's Fresh Eyes on your Card making supplies

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