Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The best toy for the whole family you didn't know about

What do you do with your kids during spring break????

 Buy them some JIX!

JIX and Hawkeye colored straws to make life fun
I had the opportunity to talk to the maker of JIX this week! His education toy JIX is amazing. He was able to help me see his vision for this educational toy. It's really a fun intuitive activity that helps cultivate team work, and learning together.

There are not too many toys out on the market that can involve the whole family, JIX is one of them. Get some JIX and let your kids play with these during spring break you will be glad you did! You may even find yourself playing with them too.

To learn more about JIX go here and here
 JIX can be used as a fun educational toy that inspire creativity and give children an opportunity to develop their motor and spatial skills through hands-on play.

Just how fun it is to use JIX? Um you had me at creating with straws, it's the little things right?

All you need is some standard drinking straws and JIX straw connectors. It's that easy, with them you can created shapes that turn into geometric patterns and 3d objects. It's really fun to see how triangles and pentagons can make a sphere, or triangles and hexagons can make a tube. It's perfect for science, math, art, using acute and obtuse angles, there are no limits to what you can make!

I love that this  is all about team building! 

The sphere is one of the most easiest and most awe inspiring project to do with your pk child. 

JIX won NYC 2014 Design Award for innovative and creative design.

Get your JIX on and let me see some pictures! it may help your kids learn and have fun. Other things Jix teaches your children, is volume, and Engineering. It really is the real STEM education toy.

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  1. Great idea, you come up with the best idea.

    1. THANK YOU! you are so kind, I love coming up with ideas for my kids to learn and to explore, these JIX were at the Science Center of Iowa like two years ago and they are so much fun I had to get some!


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