Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Candy Necklace

At our house we love Kisses, yep the one you eat almost as much as the real kisses, so when I found this cute post Here (also from the Family Fun Magazine from Feb 2009) on how to make a candy necklace that won't get your kiddo's neck all sticky, or fingers and so on. Cheek out the post it's super easy and fast, a great way to use up some candy you have sitting around the house, all you need is about 10 pieces of candy, cling wrap, and ribbon or yarn (or Floss if you have an abundance of it from your stock pile) and scissors.

Chocolate Fantasy at the Barlow Library

Barlow Library entry

Just a friendly reminder that the Chocolate Fantasy is this weekend, Sunday from 1-3 p.m. in the community room at the library.  There will be chocolate galore and live music, and this event is a great time to renew your Friends of the Library membership as well.  What is the membership for you might ask?  Basically the event and membership drive is simply a fundraiser for the library so it can continue to provide the Iowa Falls community with quality materials and programming, like Toddler Time and the Summer Reading Program.
Go here for more information
Thanks for your continued support for this event!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hy-Vee sale 1-25 through 1-31

General Mills Buy General Mills Cereals at 3 for $9.00 Receive $3 off your next

Kellogg (buy 3 Kelloggget Milk $3 off regular price)

Hy-Vee Tomato Ketchup $0.69
Hy-Vee Tomato Sauce 2/ $1.00 $0.50
Hy-Vee 100% Natural Value Pack Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs 97¢ lb.
Chilean Red Seedless Grapes 1.49 lb.
Green Top Radishes 2/ $1.00 $0.50
Sweet Red Bell Peppers 3/ $2.00 $0.67

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How Much Is A Homemaker Worth?

The life of a homemaker is one that includes an endless amount of demands and to-dos. Depending on the size of the home and family, the position of homemaker can go well beyond the usual nine to five. We examined some of the tasks that a homemaker might do to find out how much his or her services would net as individual professional careers. We only take into consideration tasks which have monetary values and use the lowest value for each calculation.

Private Chef
Meal preparation is one of the major tasks of most homemakers. From breakfast to dinner, there is plenty of meal planning and cooking to be done. The American Personal Chef Association reports that its personal chefs make $200 to $500 a day. Grocery shopping is another chore that needs to be factored in. A homemaker must drive to the supermarket, purchase the food and deliver it to the home. Grocery delivery services charge a delivery fee of $5 to $10.

Total cost for services: $1,005 per five day work week x 52 weeks = $52,260 per year.

House Cleaner
A clean and tidy home is the foundation of an efficient household. Typical cleaning duties include vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, scrubbing sinks as well as loading the dishwasher and making beds. Professional maids or house cleaning service providers will charge by the hour, number of rooms or square footage of the home. For example, bi-weekly cleaning of a 900-square-foot, two-bedroom apartment with five rooms, costs $59-$124 . A 1,300 square-foot, single-story home with seven rooms runs $79-$150 . A 2,200 two-story, three-bedroom home with nine rooms averages $104-$180 . Additional tasks such as oven or refrigerator cleaning and dusting mini blinds can run an extra $20-$25.

Total cost for services: $118 per week X 52 Weeks = $6,136 per year.

Child Care
Homemakers provide full-time, live-in child care. This type of service from a professional provider would usually come with a host of perks including health insurance, paid vacation and sick days, federal holidays off, dental and vision coverage, and bonuses. The International Nanny Association's 2011 survey found that nannies make $600 to $950 per week in gross wages, on average.

Total cost for services: $600 a week plus perks/benefits x 52 Weeks = $31,200 per year.

A private car service might seem like a high-end luxury to most, but the beneficiaries of a homemaker get this service on a daily basis. Companies like Red Cap, which provides personal drivers that use the client's own car as the means of transportation, offer a glimpse into the cost of this homemaker task. An elite membership which includes 365 days of unlimited, round-trip service is $1,000 a year plus 33 cents - $2.03 per minute.

Total cost for services: $1,000 per year + [(estimated miles driven 8000 miles / 50 MPH) x 60 min/hr x $0.33 per minute] = $4,168 total per year.

Laundry Service
Clean clothes come at a cost when you have to pay for the service that most homemakers do for free. Professional laundry services charge by the pound. For instance, Susie's Suds Home Laundry Service, Inc. in Texas charges 90 cents to $1.00 a pound to wash, dry, fold, hang and steam your clothes. Items that take longer to dry such as comforters, blankets, rugs and winter clothes are assessed at a price of $12-$15 each.

Total cost for services: $0.90 per pound x 4 pounds of clothes per day x 5 days per weeks x 52 weeks = $936 total per year.

Lawn Maintenance
Basic maintenance of the exterior property is a less common, but possible duty of a homemaker. This could include things such as mowing, debris removal, edging and trimming the lawn. These services cost about $30 a week on average.

Total cost for services: $30 per week x 52 weeks = $1,560 total per year.

The Bottom Line
Total for a year of all services is: $52,260 + $6,137 + $31,200 + $4,168 + $936 + $1,560 = $96,261 per year.

The daily work of a homemaker can sometimes be taken for granted by his or her family members. However, these services could earn a homemaker a considerable wage if he or she took those skills to the marketplace. Homemakers in general contribute a lot more to the home in addition to these tasks, and no amount of money can fill those needs.

Hy-Vee sale 1-18 through 1-24

Hy-Vee Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns $0.99
Campbell's Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup $0.39 (01-08 S1 $0.40/4)=$0.29 each
Post Pebbles Treats or Post Cereal $1.48 (01-08 S1 $0.55/1)= $0.93
Catalina National Offers:
Post Pebbles (2/20/12 - 3/25/12)
Buy 3 participating products, get $2.00 off next shopping order ~ or ~
Buy 4 participating products, get $3.00 off next shopping order ~ or ~
Buy 5 or more participating products, get $4.00 off next shopping order

Post Shredded Wheat or Grape-nuts Cereal $2.59 (01-01 S2 $0.75/1)= $1.84
Quaker Cereal 2/ $5.00 $2.50
Hy-Vee Grade 'A' Fresh Large Eggs $1.28
Hy-Vee Orange Juice $1.48
Kraft String Cheese Buy one Get one free = $2.50 each
Hy-Vee Sherbet $0.99
Hy-Vee 100% Natural Fresh Whole Frying Chicken .69¢ lb.
Monterey Whole White Mushrooms $1.38
Ocean Spray 100% Grapefruit Juice $1.99 (buy 2 get 5lb bag of Texas Rio Star Grapefruit Free With Purchase and Coupon
Texas Rio Star Grapefruit or Juice Oranges(18lb bag)$6.99 WOW!
Zeal Jumbo Zeal Navel Oranges .58¢ lb.
Hy-Vee Macaroni & Cheese Dinner $0.33

Crystal Light Drink Mix 2/ $5.00 $2.50
Hy-Vee Sour Cream $1.28

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gorton’s Sweepstakes: 1,000 Win one FREE Gorton’s Grilled Product Coupon

Check out this new Gorton’s Sweeps you can enter! Just head on over HERE to enter the Gorton’s Seafood Grill Your Way To Gorgeous sweeps where you’ll have the chance to win a $1,000 Wardrobe Makeover Grand Prize! Plus, 1,000 first place winners will score one FREE Gorton’s Grilled Product Coupon!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hy-Vee sale 1-11 through 1-17

use in-ad store coupon: save $3 with purchase of any (10) participating Box Tops for Education products in a single shopping visit
purchase of 10 required for .30 per item discount, limit $3 off with coupon, limit 1 coupon per customer

01-08 GM or 12-11 S General Mills Cheerios 14 oz. or Honey Nut Cheerios 12.25 oz. $1.00/3
01-08 GM Nature Valley Granola Bars $0.75/2
01-08 GM General Mills Fiber One Chewy Bar $0.40/1
01-08 GM General Mills Snack Bars $0.50/1
01-08 GM or 12-11 S Green Giant Frozen Vegetables 7 - 10 oz. boxes $0.60/3
01-08 GM Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits 8-ct.
Other Newspaper Coupons: 10-23 S, 11-13 GM, 11-20 S, 12-04 S, 12-11 S $0.30/2
01-08 GM or 12-11 S Progresso Soups 18.5 - 19 oz. all varieties $1.00/4
01-08 GM Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 4.5 - 8 oz. $0.50/2

Kleenex Facial Tissues $0.77 (01-01 S2 $0.50/3)
Hy-Vee Grated Cheese $2.59
Ronzoni Healthy Harvest or Garden Delight Pasta $0.99
Dole All Natural Salad Blends or Caesar Kits $0.99
Fresh Blackberries $1.88

Online Ad:
Dole Snowy White Cauliflower $1.99

Hy-Vee 13 hour sale 1--13

Monday, January 9, 2012

Homemade Automatic Shower Cleaner

I love my Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner!! I don't love the cost of refills. I found a recipe for Homemade Automatic Shower Cleaner. This recipe seems to be working very well in our Automatic Shower Cleaners. It smells just like the refills you buy at the store.

This solution can also be used in a regular spray bottle if you do not have a Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner.

Here is what you will need:

Empty Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner Bottle
Rubbing Alcohol
Hydrogen Peroxide
Dishwasher Rinse Aid
Dish Soap

First, remove the cap from the bottle. This is a little tricky and requires a small pair of plyers. Place the plyers around the cap of the bottle and gently squeeze and twist the cap off. Add 1/2 cup Hydrogen Peroxide, 1/2 cup Rubbing Alcohol, 6-8 drops Dish Soap and 2 tablespoons Dishwasher Rinse Aid to the bottle. Fill the bottle with water. Replace the cap (it just twists back on) and gently shake. It is now ready to use!

thanks, cuttingcouponsinKC

Friday, January 6, 2012

Are Your Coupons “Missing” a Barcode?

Think your coupons are missing a barcode? Keep Reading…

Have questions???? regarding online coupons printing without a proper UPC barcode and asking whether it was legit. Hip2save just posted info , I thought it would be beneficial to provide you with information that may help clear up any confusion on this subject, which may help your shopping trips go smoother during checkout. I had problem at Walmart! Now I'm going to print the info and try agian!!!!

First of all, the company that produces the bar codes for coupons is called GS1. Over the past few years, they have slowly started making changes to how barcodes appear on coupons in efforts to bring data integrity and efficiency to coupons. The new system was needed to help companies with U.P.C. Company Prefixes greater than 6-digits and also to allow a larger number of optional fields for specifying the more complex coupon offers in use today.
Check out the progression of how coupon bar codes have changed over the years…

Coupons that were issued before 2008 had two UPC bar codes on them (called the UPC-A and the GS1-128), as seen in the top coupon image above. Then in 2008, the barcodes changed to look like the middle coupon above. They included the UPC-A (on left) and the GS1 DataBar Barcode (on right).

Starting in 2010, coupons started gradually converting to look like the bottom coupon above. You will see that the standard UPC-A barcode is missing from the left-hand side and only the second DataBar Barcode is there now. The purpose for this is that the DataBar barcode contains a lot more information that will ultimately make your shopping trip go faster, such as the expiration date, weight of the products accepted, exact products, quantity and any other information or restrictions that the manufacturer would like to put in the coupon. (Example: Do Not double, etc.)

Although this may not seem that exciting, essentially this is great news that should help clear up any future debates regarding how coupons should be properly redeemed. The downside to this new system is that, unfortunately, many retailers have not updated their scanning equipment yet. This means that when you go to use one of these coupons, it will beep and/or cashiers may not know how to redeem it. The best thing to do is to call your local stores and find out if they have updated their systems to accept the DataBar Barcode scanners.


thanks hip2save

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hy-Vee on Android market!

Hy-Vee sale 1-04 through 1-10

Hy-Vee Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soup $0.33

General Mills Cereal Cheerios 8.9 oz., Cocoa Puffs 11.8 oz., Trix 10.7 oz. or Wheaties 10.9 oz. $1.77 (12-11 S $1.00/2)=$1.27

Kellogg's buy 3=(Ad coupon $3 off regular price Milk)(01-01 RP $1.00/3)

Hy-Vee 100% Natural Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 1.99 lb.
Rice A Roni Rice-A-Roni or Pasta Roni $0.99
California Kiwi Fruit 5/ $1.00 $0.20
Fresh Blueberries 2/ $5.00 $2.50
Grimmway Farms Baby Carrots $0.88
Sweet Green Bell Peppers 2/ $1.00 $0.50

Online Ad:
Hy-Vee Split Top Bread $1.38
Hy-Vee Light Apple Juice Cocktail 2/ $3.00 $1.50
Campbell's Pasta with Meat 10/ $10.00 $1.00
Sunbelt Granola Cereal 2/ $4.00 $2.00
Hy-Vee Grade 'A' Fresh Large Eggs $1.69
Kleenex Facial Tissues 3/ $5.00 $1.67
Dole All Natural Classic Iceberg $0.99
Fresh Eggplant $0.99
Stemilt Washington Braeburn or Red Delicious Apples 99¢ lb.
Sunkist Minneola Tangelos 99¢ lb.
Texas Rio Star Grapefruit 2/ $1.00 $0.50

At Hy-Vee Receive a $10 prepaid card with purchase $30 of P&G on this page!!!!!

use coupon for a better deal!
01-01 PG Tide Detergent (excludes travel/trial size) $2.00/1
01-01 PG Charmin any product $0.25/1
01-01 PG Bounty Towel or Napkin any $0.25/1
01-01 PG Dawn Hand Renewal any $0.50/1
01-01 PG Dawn any $0.25/1
01-01 PG Tampax Pearl or Tampax Pearl Compak 18ct or higher $2.00/1
01-01 PG Tampax 18ct or higher $1.00/1
01-01 PG Always Infinity 14ct or higher $2.00/1
01-01 PG Aussie or Clairol Herbal Essences product (excludes trial size) $1.00/1
01-01 PG Duracell Coppertop, Ultra Power, Ultra Photo Lithium or Specialty Batteries $0.75/1

12-11 RP Duracell Coppertop, Ultra Power, Ultra Photo Lithium or Specialty Batteries $1.50/1

Hy-Vee 2 day sale 1--05 1-06

Hy-Vee Tomato Sauce 5/ $1.00 $0.20
Hy-Vee Instant Oatmeal $0.99
Hy-Vee Milk 1/2 gal. $0.99
Hy-Vee Shredded Cheese 3/ $4.00 $1.33
Crest Toothpaste $0.99
Hormel Always Tender Boneless Pork Loin 1.89 lb.
Hy-Vee Russet Potatoes $1.18

Sweepstakes of the Day ~ HGTV Dream Home Giveaway

Enter HERE for HGTV's Dream Home 2012 Giveaway for a chance to win the grand prize rustic ranch home in Midway, Utah, $500,000 cash and a GMC Terrain. You can enter daily at HGTV and FrontDoor.com for your chance to win thru February 17th. Good luck and be sure to let me know if you win!

Free After Rebate: Arm & Hammer Ultra Last Baking Soda Coated Clumping Litter

Get a 20 lb package of Arm & Hammer Ultra Last Baking Soda Coated Clumping Liter for FREE after mail-in rebate. Product must be purchased by 3/30/12.

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