Monday, October 3, 2016

Kristy Rice's Fresh Florals Craftsy Class

I love how artists can have their own unique style, and it is with that in mind that I write this review.

This class is a great introduction to watercolor, she goes through the basics of water color techniques, and focuses on those techniques that she uses in her paintings. It's very directive and to the point. It is up to you as a artist to develop the skills and techniques. I have said before that art is a process, not the end result of something. keep that in mind and you will love the class. If you expect a master piece after this class, you will be sad. This Class does give you the chance to make a "master piece," however realistically if you are new to watercolor like I am, she gives you great advice on how to do a technique and it's up to you to practice.... A LOT!

Some of the things that I took away from the class: It's easy to do detail work, it just takes lots of time! Her advice to novice water colorists (like myself) is heart warming, and very helpful. Like with everything you have to get use to your brush, paint, any your style of your painting. She helps with that!

Most importantly throughout the class she mentions that painting should make you happy, she explains her story a bit and how she got to where she is as an Artist. Which I really enjoyed. With art the important thing is,  how you got to where you are now, and she explains why she paints like she does. It was worth the effort and time to take this class.

Things to keep in mind about this class: It did take me one painting session for that day to paint a rose, a peony, and the leaves, and berries each, so over a week to get the basics down. So when she says to practice each one till you think you have it, she really means practice as much as you can so when you start your final project  you feel confident in painting the flowers.  I love that she doesn't use any ways of transferring a reference picture to her painting, it's all done freehand, which I like, and I was giddy knowing that I wasn't worried about coloring in the lines, or something. (my kind of style!) However I think that if you are the one that wants perfection the reference photo would be easy enough to trace/transfer if needed. I am tempted to try it just to see if I like it any better.

I love Kristy's approach to watercolor and she is very down to earth, which helps my artist want to play and paint with out worrying about a mark that is wrong. Painting should elevate your mood, your spirit, and I believe that this class does that in a way that made me feel the joy of painting! Thank you Kristy and Craftsy for a great class! You can also find her on you tube She has a website at and blog

Here are some of my projects, my style is very expressive and it's not suppose to look "real" I love lines and color

practice Peony (4th try)

practice rose with flooding technique

roses, (with a background)

Peony blossom

closed peony blossom

purple rose I was trying with my new dioxide purple

sketch piece of the reference photo 

Final project

I hope you try this class out, if you are new or just love to paint flowers, this is the class for you! I hope to use this class as a reference to future paintings! 

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