Friday, March 15, 2013

5 minute rule

Ok, so I try hard to save my family money, after all I am the stay at home mom that takes pride in well, the little things. I like to pride myself with wow, I did this for half the cost, or because I am able to stay at home I am able to make bread, you get the idea right? So when reading coupon mom's strategic shopping book. She mention the 5 minute rule, I loved it and it's now my ah ha moment at the grocery store. Its simple, when ever I want to buy something already packaged and ready to go, I think to my self, is this something I can make or do, in five minutes? If it is then I don't get it and save more money. I suppose this rule might apply to those that loves to be in the kitchen with kiddo's running around, and trying to help you with Disney princess music in the back ground, I don't know but that is the way it is at our house.

The rule has saved me extra money, I wish I could tell you but for the most part it's a simple way to save some real money at the grocery store. Here are some things that I don't buy any more and my reasoning

baking mixes, I know I have posted some before but you gotta love them. My reasoning is, if your buying a cookie mix, and you still have to dirty dishes, why not make a big batch of cookie mix and store it in a 20 cup rubber maid container. and yes it takes me about 10 minutes to make the whole mix, but I got 20 cups of mix or 10 batches of cookies at hand, and your saving a ton of money! Other baking mixes I have already prepared that I don't buy any more are: corn bread mix, bisquick, and pancake mix

Produce, some things I see working out while others not so much, bag lettuce is marked up at least 50% pre cut fruit and veggies, up wards to %100.

Fabric softener, like I mention in my last post

bread, it takes no time in the kitchen, and who doesn't love home made bread

Meat, buy  meat when it's on sale and freeze it, 5min to repackage and divy out the portions, or cook the ground beef with what ever seasoning you need and you are all most done making a dinner to prepare, I like to buy 3lb-4lbs and cook it and then freeze it in four portions, so I am only dirtying up one pan one time instead of 4 times.

Cheese, my kiddo's love the cheese cubes, I hate the price, but for what seems like half the cost you can cut up your cheese cubes your self, takes 5 mins. I also like to grate my cheese, this takes me less than 5 min. to do.

I hope this helps you to save some extra money at the grocery store, like me this was an ah ha moment that I thought was a simple way to save some money.

Home Made Fabric Softener and Hy-Vee's deal on suave conditioner

I really am not the person to make home made cleaners and detergents, don't get me wrong I use Borax Acid in my dishwasher, and Vinegar is my favorite cleaning agent, however I didn't think spending 4 bucks on fabric softener every month was worth it when all you need is two ingredients, vinegar and water, super simple and easy to make. So for $4 a month I am saving, and with my new 5 minute rule in place I thought yep that's worth saving the $4 a month, I love it. Here is the recipe that I like to use oh yes and did I mention that Hy-Vee has Suave Conditioner on sale for .88, I stocked up for a year (12 bottles.)

liquid fabric Softener
3 cups water
1 1/2 cups white vinegar
1 cup hair conditioner
poor everything together mix/shake well. use 1/4 cup for each load of laundry
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