Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lever Cards video tutorial

Lever cards Silhoutte Challange

These lever cards by Lori Whitlock from Silhouette was a great file to use for the interactive challenge. I used dcwv celebration paper pad, and assemble was super easy, the hardest thing about making these cards were finding inspiration on how to use the space, as I like simple and white space. so this was a great challenge to get me out of my rut in creating a usual birthday card.
The card pictured above is the a2 card, with out the pop up space.

 This card is the square lever card with a pop out space, (i didn't think I would like it, but I like it better than the first one.)  I like these cards, like I said it was fun to make and easy! (those are the ones I love)

I hope this gives you some inspiration to make some lever cards that super trendy right now.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

one busy 18 month old

E in Baby jail, I mean his fun box
do you have a busy boy or girl that needs to be in baby jail I mean a fun box??  Yeah me too, so I asked my dear hubby if he would bring home a big box, or even a watermelon crate, told him my idea (I ask for random things for our house all the time.)  Pictured is a watermelon crate, indestructible for busy kidlets.

I will admit this is fun for both my 18 month old and my 4.5 yr old but both enjoy spending time in their fun box alone, I put toys in it, I let them color to their hearts content on it, what ever they want to do, and yes I finally can get something done.

Circle cut 3d flower tutorial

Got a circle punch, die, or svg file that you love, I have one favorite thing to do with simple circles, yep love them! I like to use them for embellishments for cards and scrapbooks

1. Cut out 7-8 circles on card stock, mine were 2 inches
2. Fold each circle in thirds ( like a gate fold but make it look like pedals, make sure both folds make a point at the end)
3. arrange the petals around to make it look like a full flower. (I do this so I can play with where I want the flower placed.
4. ink edges if desired, or if you used double sided paper skip this step.
5. Glue pedals in place on to background paper of your choice. (my paper was from Hobby Lobby)
6. Glue an embellishment in the center (button, brad, gem, pearl,) I used three small gems for the center, you will want some thing since it's hard to get the points to match perfectly in the middle and you will want to hide any imperfections.

There you have it, a beautiful simple way to use up some circles to make a 3d flower.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Silhoutte 3d crafts

C loves to play dress up, and I contribute to that love any way I can so when I saw this file from Silhouette I couldn't help but to get it and cut out the princess crown  (Design ID #33777)  on glitter pink paper from JoAnns. I love it because in less than 10 minutes she had a new shinny crown!

I love making cards and 3d flowers, love it! so I had to make a peony for a summer card (Design ID #40645,) This card will be hand delivered since it's too thick to stick in a regular envelope.

As always I had fun making both and I love my Silhouette for kid crafts and for making unique cards.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A bit about Me

I feel that this blog is a big work in progress, I love that this can be an outlet for me to help others save money I am never consistent enough to do much to build readers, because I really really love to craft when I am not saving money and tending to my family which is the most important part of my life. So let me explain: I save money so I can craft, I save money so I can go spend money on Paper and other crafty stuff. Yep I am that person, now don't get me wrong I really love saving money at the craft (just so I can feed my crafty addiction even more.) I think you get the picture. So I figure its high time to introduce my self a bit more: so here are some things about me that You might want to know:

I love my family, my daughter (4yr) and son (18 m) and my awesome Husband. We have been married for 10 yrs, helped him through his PharmD at Iowa before having two kidlets and Barbie (dog.)

I live in North East rural Iowa, and wonder every morning why we don't have a bow or gun to shoot those darn deer, rabits, and ground hogs.

I love my dog, my silhouette  my van, kitchen and friends. not sure what I would do with out all of them.

Oh yes and I am a Mormon, and I love it! (don't be surprised that I post some Christian theme posts.) I have served in Primary and currently serving in Relief society.

I am hoping to show you just how you can save some money and live the way you want to with out spending to much money.

back to School Season starting Now!

Yes I am super excited for this season to finally start, it could be that my first born is starting PK and I think of all the fun things she will be doing, or it could be that I really really like to hoard back to school supplies for the year, I mean do I really need all the .1 cent items at staples... No but why not get them and use them for creative gifts.

So What deals to look for during the month of July and August: Any and all school supplies, lab tops, but my favorite house hold staple: peanut butter, jelly, easy mac and other college dorm room necessities(mini fridge, microwave, other small appliances) and clothes. My favorite sale item this season is PB- yep I plan on buying pb for $1 a jar about 40 jars will keep for a year in our house. clothes, I usually stock up on underwear and socks for the year, I wait to buy jeans when they are at a good price point ($5-$10 new or gently used).

as I get my crafty on look for ideas to use post it notes, and other ideas for those school supplies you just can't resist to buy.

btw: Jiff is on sale this week at your local Hy-Vee for $1.48 so if your running low get some now



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