Friday, January 27, 2017

I got my double oven in an unexpected way

The Anova Sous Vide precision cooker cooking brownies in mason jars

So There is a new kitchen gadget in my kitchen and it's a tool that turns any pot into a water bath oven, AKA my new double oven.

Let me explain. it's a precision cooker, what it does is heat the water in a stock pot, or dutch oven or even a cooler, to the exact temperature that you set, and it cooks the food only to that temperature. It's a dream for so many dishes.

Cooking turkey breasts with the Anova Precision Cooker 

They call this cooking process Sous Vide. I have an ANOVA Precession Cooker and I love it!

Sous Vide is a water bath oven, the long and the short of it: Once sous vide cooker heats the water to the temperature the food that you are submersing in water will only get cooked to that temperature, so there is no over-cooking, the food will never get hotter than what is set at. So if you like your steaks medium done, you set the Sous Vide cooker at 131 and it will never get hotter than that. The amazing thing about this is, your cooking it in vacuumed sealed bag so no air can get to it to make it dry, The meat that you sous vide is moist and tender you will never want to grill your stakes again... I promise!

So here are some youtube video's that have helped me wrap my mind around this new cooking process:

Or if you want to know how to make a meal like I did here is a short youtube video

One last thought about this cooking process: I look at Sous Vide as a really fancy way of saying this: I keep over cooking steaks, and it really makes me mad... so Sous Vide is another term for flawless cooking, in a vacuum sealed water bath with amazing perfect results every time... it takes the guesswork out of cooking your meat. Which reminds me, I have some pork loin I want to Sous Vide tonight, all I have to do is get the water going and let it do its thing! It's my new best friend!

Amazon has it for sale, a perfect gift for Valentines Day!

I am an affiliate for Amazon.

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