Monday, January 9, 2017

Staycation during Christmas Break

My amazing husband took off the week in between Christmas and New Years to spend time with us, we don't usually plan on a trip out of town, it's a staycation and we loved this week!

Is it just me? The fact that Christmas is filled with lots of emotions, food, and things, that you just need at least two days to get back to normal. I feel like it's been two long days to get the house back to the pre-Thanksgiving day. We got Christmas packed up, now it's time to play!

Our family does staycations on the light side of things. I really think that kids don't really care as much about what we do, as long as they get to do it with mom and dad, and together is even better.

Here have been some of our activities that we have done during our staycation:

Build an awesome train track
Build roads and cities using Go Go Smart Wheels, blocks, lego's the sky's the limit.
Go see a matinee kid movie at local theater
have a couple movie nights (it's time to introduce Indiana Jones to the kiddos)
a trip to the Science Center
Play date with cousins and a trip to local Chick-Fill-A to play
Playing kid games like Pie Face. Connect Four, Bug Jenga
Nerf Gun Wars with daddy, and cousins
Story festival (read like 10 stories on the couch in one sitting)
playing in the kitchen with mom, and her new toy(s) precision cooking (sous vide)
And because we can, watch lots of Disney World youtube videos!
playing a freeze game

Most of all of these are simply easy ways to build family memories, sometimes as a family, we are pulled in so many different directions that we need a staycation to just have time to cultivate relationships that need to be stronger. I know this past week my son would come up to me for no particular reason and hug me and say I love you, mom. If we are too busy, we will miss those impromptu moments that fill our lives with the joy we are seeking. I am grateful for this time that we can spend as a family and learn and grow together, laugh and have hearts melted, isn't that what's Christmas is all about!
We had to organize our train tracks, glad we did now they can't get enough time to play with trains!

Happy New Years and enjoy those little moments!

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