Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Guilt Free Comfort food

Is it possible to have guilt free comfort food? It may not be calorie free but it is possible to keep all the flavor and loss the calories! This Craftsy class is all about using those calories to it's fullest,  it's all about the flavor.

In Anna Bullett's Guilt Free Comfort Food Craftsy class, Anna does a great job explaining why we need good healthy nutrient rich food in our recipes, and their benefits. It's been so fun to learn ways as to why you substitute one ingredient, and use a healthier choice, like using mashed beans instead of a ton of ricotta cheese in your lasagna.

I love the smell of comfort food, the memories that come with the food, the process of cutting and cooking then baking it, makes my heart swell! The wonderful thing about using vegetables in this class is it's doable, I say doable because It has taken me forever to figure out how to get more vegetables into our meals with out vegetables being a side dish that we all snuff at.

My family's favorite comfort food will always Chicken Pot Pie, I cringe every time I make it with the two packaged pie crusts that you buy already done. I know there is a healthier and better way... This class shows you how!

 Yes my friends that is spinach in my pot pie, and you can tell that it just "melts" away to nothing! (my kind of vegetable) She doesn't compromise the flavor factor at all in this recipe, in fact I think it was far more flavorful than any other pot pie recipes I have made in the past without adding lots of salt. Yummy!

I must add, that these biscuits were made with whole wheat flour, I used 1 cup whole whole wheat flour that I milled, and then 1 cup regular all purpose flour, they were awesome! I have never had such good biscuits before till this class! She made me believe in my biscuit making abilities, and they are so cheap to make,  $1.00 for all of the ingredients to make just the biscuits.

This was such a great recipe that I will use a lot of in those winter months! Doesn't this make you want to make some really tasty Chicken Pot Pie?

Baked Potato Fries

They are a favorite, I enjoyed the simple process of the recipe, it's not hard and it really doesn't take a hole lot of time, For me, when it comes to recipes like this is it all about the planning. If i know that I want fries for supper, start it 30 minuets before eating, and hope that the timing works out. (we did these fries for lunch.)

I really loved the garlic and herb seasoning, It was worth the extra step to brown the garlic! This is a worthy side dish for anything that you want fries with. It's really convenient, and cheap, for less than $3.00 I was able to make this side dish, which tastes far better than any store bought frozen potato's and if you were to get them at a restaurant as a side I bet they would cost more $6.00 for the side and quantity. 

Here is the finished results, and yes they are as good as they look! Thank you for showing me a better way to make fries!!! Seriously it's a wonderful skill to know, right?

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

I love the "idea" that I can make Mac and cheese from scratch at home, with it loaded with vegetables over half the ingredients are vegetables!  The dish was very flavorful like Anna promised. 

She didn't mention that when roasting squash to get it to roast with a little moister helps it to become tender and easier to mash up, so I wanted to share how I roast butternut squash when it's on sale for $.50/lb. Here is my way I use for both pumpkin and squash


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