Friday, August 19, 2016

Mary Murphy's watercolor class on Craftsy

Simple & Stunning Watercolor Techniques
This summer it was my goal to learn and develop my watercolor skills, I believe I have achieved that goal in the fact that I *did* it, I am not a professional water-colorist, but when I paint I love it, I am in that zone where all my doubts, and time just goes away, I am in the moment and that I love!

With the help from Craftsy and Mary Murphy, I now have a ton of little skills to help me paint better, or at lest not have the fear of a blank canvas to get me started. I love that watercolor is a very unpredictable medium, and that it's fun to just play around with.

Mary did an excellent job of working through her Simple watercolor technique class. Her content was really remarkable, her responses to my work that I posted in our class projects were a huge help, including ADDING MORE COLOR, and watching my values in my painting, she met me where I was as a artist and built onto that, which I respected a lot. Mary Your awesome, I do feel like I got to know Mary as an instructor while working on her class at my pace.

Here is the link to the Stunning Tecn
Here are some of my projects

Heartland Landscape (expressionist style)

Sky study on canvas paper

Value study from a black and white photograph, with a lose style

miniature inspired  painting of a tulip

Here is a video of what the class entails, it's a good one! If you are thinking about starting watercolor, or even if you are more advanced, and want to boast your skills this class is worth it! 
Let me know in the comments if you take this class so I can follow you on Craftsy!

And to keep it real here is a picture of my work space, Mary I took your advice and had my water colors out all summer so I could paint when I needed too, even at 5 am!

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  1. Wow, Lisa -- you have made my day! I will share your blog on my FB page. :)


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