Friday, January 20, 2017

A touch of Spring is on my table!

I made two hydrangeas. These make me smile every time I see them! They are surprisingly easy to make, I learned how to make them from Creativebug,  Totally worth becoming a member if you are a crafter or artist! Right now they are offering a one month membership free, which also means you can get this class for free, and always have it to reference! Go to this link to get started! Use code JOANN to get your free month!
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Silhouete, 2 inch  60-80 paper hydrangeas pedals cut from your choice of paper 3-6 sheets of paper for the pedals, 15 floral wires, wire cutters, floral tape, scissors, hot glue, glimmer mist, or liquid watercolor to add texture to the pedals, and time.

I made these Hydrangeas for about $5.00, which makes for a frugal craft that looks expensive! I estimated I spent about 2 hours for both stems, not to bad, 20 min. for cutting out the paper, and 1.5 hours assembling these.

Here's how I made the hydrangeas:
Watch this class

I used the Hydrangea file from the Silhouette Design store Don't resize it, you may have to ungroup the file, I used 8.5x11 pink cardstock and got 30 pedals on each sheet. Double cheek to make sure each pedal is 2 inches. 2 inches is the magic measurement for this flower, don't make them bigger or smaller, you will not like the outcome. This is the time to add texture to the paper, I used pink glimmer mist, before you cut the pedals.

While the Silhouette is cutting you could start on assembling the stems. I cut the floral wire in half, to save on material cost. In total you will want 15-16 wires/stems. Use your needle nose pliers to make a loop then bend the loop to hold the flower on top of the loop.

Next gather all the stems together and use your floral tape to make one stem. To activate the floral tape stretch and wrap the floral tape around all the stems.

Next use your scissors to curl up each pedal, I did this while sitting next to my toddler watching Paw Patrol, it took me 30 min. to do all 120 pedals.

Now on to the assembling of the Hydrangea:

Hot glue pedals onto the wire loops you created.

At this point it's a good idea to use a jar or vase to hold up the stem, and you start adding all the pedals to other pedals, each pedal that is on a loop will have four pedals attached to it, I started in the middle, and then I divided the stem into four parts, and I glued away, this is the time to listen to your favorite podcast, or show.

It doesn't take to long, just lots of attention, make sure you are not using to much glue, a little dab will do ya! I add the glue in the middle of one of the curved part of the pedal, not to low, it won't hold, and not to high so you don't see the glue.

 See how the pedals are  attached, that is the look you are going for.

What it should look like when you have finished 2 sides. Keep going, at this time if you need a break or your kids need you it's not a big deal, to stop and start it up later.

This is what the finished hydrangea should look like!

For the taller steam, I used 30 wires, and looped them all, it took a little bit longer to do, but totally worth the bigger bloom. 
What is your favorite color hydrangea? it's so fun to customize your favorite color for these beauties, I think a blue hue and white would look really neat. 

Don't forget to get your fee month membership at Creativebug!
 please comment below if you have any questions, I enjoy responding to comments! 

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