Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Expressive floral cards

I got a new watercolor pallet, (with new pigments to explore) With a new pallet I got to play around with all the new color combinations that I could muster up. I had a ton of pinkish red, green and blue paints, that I didn't want to throw out, so I decided to play around with my brushes and make some flowers during the evening.

What you will need
watercolor paper, cut to 4x5.5
Card stock cut to an A-2 size
round brushes
watercolor, use whatever you have on hand I like Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolors
2 containers for water, one for clean water and one for cleaning your brush off.
Zig Wink of Luna
Decorative tape
sentiment stamps
green ink, mine is Tim Holtz peeled paint

Here's what I did:
I cut out some watercolor paper at 4x5.5 and cut out the A-2 card base
I used round brushes, a small number 4-5 and a larger one at 12-14 brush.
I used flooding techniques to make the flower look more expressive along with wet onto wet.  then I lifted like crazy to get the effect that I wanted. While the flower was still a bit wet I went in and colored into the background with a complimentary color that I thought would work.

Once the flower was all dry, I went in at added bits of gold lines to the flowers to make them look a bit more expressive, With the Zig Wink of Luna from Kuretake I was going for an artistic expression, where ever I thought a line was needed, I put it there, at that time I was in my artistic mode and just used the Wink of Luna as a brush to make the lines flow a bit into the flower.

Then I mounted the painting onto some scrapbooking paper and mounted that onto the card base, for some I also added some gold decorative tape to finish it off.
a fun way to play with loose watercolor, lifting and flooding techniques

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