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Sahms are the good in the world!

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What it means to be a SAHM,

I get that being a stay at home mom is a job that not everyone can do, or even wants to do. I say this because I was in a funk about 3 years ago and wanted to find a small part time job to get out of the house, It was bugging me, and after thinking about it and realizing that it's just not possible for me to get a part time job to get out of the house. So I was at a Cross Roads

I could keep thinking that this SAHM  job isn't for me and that someone else could do a better job.
Embrace the Stay At Home Mom thing.

Let me start by just saying that motherhood is hard, and being a stay at home mom is not for everyone, and lots of SAHMs, have to stay home because the cost of putting your child in daycare is too expensive.  (the payoff isn't there) Here is a great article from this perspective from Times.  I fell into this boat, and still am in this boat. If I were the one making the money I would need to work and make at least $60,000 a year to make it worth my time to go to work. Thank God I have my Husband!

With that said, and with that perspective, I wanted to give you an insight as to how I decided to be a Stay at Home Mom. btw, I am a Mormon, we try to stay at home with our kids, and we put family first.

On a winter day not too long ago, I was agonizing over why I felt unacceptable staying at home, I do what I think is my fair share, I do my part for my community, and family. Why are these feelings so real?

I needed a different perspective on this whole SAHM thing. Two thoughts had come into my mind. This experience from Eliane Dolton helped me with this perspective:

"What-e're thou art, act well thy part. At that moment those words went deeply into my heart, and I felt the powers of heaven reach out and give me a message. I knew I was known by a loving Heavenly Father. I felt I was not alone. I stood in that garden with tears in my eyes. “What-e’er thou art, act well thy part.” That simple statement renewed my vision that Heavenly Father knew me and had a plan for my life, and the spirit I felt helped me understand that my part mattered."  Eliane Dalton We are Daughters of God

With those thoughts in my mind, I came to another conclusion: I must be committed:  As a mother that chooses to be a stay at home mom, I wasn't living up to my full potential that would offer me the joy that I get by staying at home with my children. I wasn't completely committed.  I really like this story that shows what commitment really is all about:

Two young brothers stood atop a small cliff that overlooked the pristine waters of a blue lake. This was a popular diving spot, and the brothers had often talked about making the jump—something they had seen others do.
Although they both wanted to make the jump, neither one wanted to be first. The height of the cliff wasn’t that great, but to the two young boys, it seemed the distance increased whenever they started to lean forward—and their courage was fading fast.
Finally, one brother put one foot at the edge of the cliff and moved decisively forward. At that moment his brother whispered, “Maybe we should wait until next summer.”
The first brother’s momentum, however, was already pulling him forward. “Brother,” he responded, “I’m committed!”
He splashed into the water and surfaced quickly with a victorious shout. The second brother followed instantly. Afterward, they both laughed about the first boy’s final words before plunging into the water: “Brother, I’m committed.”

Commitment is a little like diving into the water. Either you are committed or you are not. Either you are moving forward or you are standing still. There’s no halfway. We all face moments of decision that change the rest of our lives. We must ask ourselves, “Will I dive in or just stand at the edge? Will I step forward or merely test the temperature of the water with my toes?” Brother, I'm Committed By Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Staying at home with the kids is much more of a mental challenge than physical in my experience, so many things to think about and do when it comes down to it. Making that mental commitment that I Am going to be the best Stay at home mom that I can be changed my perspective and the way I govern my house, myself, and my family. I have found that to be committed to what you believe in is the best way to find happiness in your life. May we uplift ourselves and other mothers that are raising kids,  come together to make our children's world a little better, one hug, one dinner, one mess at a time!


  1. Lisa, your family is blessed to have a committed mother guiding and teaching them! Whenever I'm feeling small in my efforts as a Sahm I try to remember that the days are long but the years are short. We'll be out of a job before we know it! Keep writing and sharing great your journey- I love it!

    1. Thank you for the kind words!!! It's hard to see the payoffs of staying at home with the kids, Yes the years are short! Thank you for visiting!


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