Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Birthday Bouquet

Loopy flowers Coreopsis flowers and Carnations in a bouquet for a friend's Birthday was a simple and fun way to use my Silhouette and use up some pattern paper I didn't know what to do with, It turned out amazing! 

Materials are pretty light here is the list:
Silhouette, 3-4 listed flower files from the Desing Store ( I specified each flower in this post) Patterned paper, about 10- 12in.x12in. coordinating sheets, I like to use them from a pack of paper instead of buying each sheet separately. Hot Glue, 7-10 floral stem wire, wire cutters,  needle nose pliers. And an assortment of brads, and sprigs to add some bling.

Adding up all the materials, I estimate that you can make this bouquet for about $5.00 or less, depending what you have on hand, I had everything on hand, so it didn't really cost me much, just time, and I estimated my time took me about 1 hour, 15-20 min. cutting, and getting the paper ready, and 20-30 min. to assemble the actual bouquet.  

A Loopy Flower or two in a bouquet always makes me smile, and they are so fun and easy to put together! If you make loopy flowers, don't use glue, I just use a brad in the middle to hold all the strips. 

Coreopsis Flower cut with orange MME patterned paper, to assemble Jamie Lane (the designer) has a great tutorial. 

A Carnation or two always makes a great addition to a bouquet. My daughter's first Dance recital had a bunch of Carnations in her bouquet, they can really add a nice design element! 

I also added some sprigs to the bouquet for some added bling. 

Too attached the flowers onto floral stem wire,  make a loop with needle nose pliers, Then I bend the loop to hold the flower with hot glue.

Then add each stem together and wrap floral tape around all the stems. Start at the top, about a third from the top of the stem with the loop, activate the floral tape by stretching it and wrapping it around the stems as you go.  Then attach your flowers to the loop, bend and twist the wire stems gently as needed to make the bouquet look real. 

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