Friday, September 9, 2016

Better Paintings with Water Color Angela Fehr Class on Craftsy

I have been following Angela Fehr on youtube for about 4 months and have fell in love with her art. When I saw that she had a class on Craftsy I had to watch it. I am glad I did. I learned a lot about:

~ Composition, value, planning a painting, selecting a reference photo, to just playing with your water color and seeing what happens.
~ She is a lefty, so all you lefties out there, this painting class is for you! you can mirror her!
~ She want's you to enjoy painting free and loosely.
~ She is really good at getting back to you with your questions. She wants you to feel good about painting and it shows in her class.
~ She goes in depth with the focal point of a painting, and why your eye goes to where it goes.

Angela's  style of painting is effortless, she seems to know exactly what to do when needed, for example she made some "happy mistakes" and showed us how to use that to our advantage.  I liked her down to earth mood to this class, and it was really enjoyable to watch.

As a water color novice I could watch her lessons week after week and still learn and grow from this class.

Here is my example from the class. What do you think? it's very expressive and bright. My objective for this painting is that the viewer could feel movement from looking at the piece, as if a gentle breeze was blowing the flowers on a spring day.

This is my first attempt at this painting, I planned out where I wanted the tulips, and did a loose sketch in water color with this painting.

 I wanted a different look with this piece, so I changed my colors to a more brighter and limited my pallet to a three color pallet for the harmony part that I wanted to get.

My final piece, I like that it stayed loose and free, and that it has it's own story. When I look at this painting it makes me thing that the tulips are happy to be blooming, singing almost, if tulips could.  It was a really fun process! I can't wait to do another painting!

So cheek it Angela Ferh Class Better Paintings with water color sketching on Craftsy

If you have a painting or a picture of a landscape that you would love as a painting leave a reference photo  in the comments bellow with some info as to why you would like it as a painting and when I feel inspired to paint I'll paint it!

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