Thursday, September 15, 2016

My love affair with my food processor and Craftsy Class review

So.... I really love kitchen appliances, seriously it's like a love affair. The food processor has been on my list of things to buy for a long time. So I got a Kitchen Aid 11 cup food processor and I love it! It makes cooking and baking easy, Or what I should say is Baking is easier with a food processor!

So I knew the power behind my FP (food Processor) but like most new toys it's easier to play around and get to know it, but as a busy mom I didn't have time for that, so I entered into the world of Craftsy where they have classes on this stuff for people like me! So While I was playing blocks with my kiddo's and folding laundry I was able to watch the whole class, and learn how to use my new tool more efficiently, and creatively with my family in mind.

This class was my saving grace for time management, going in to this fall season I knew I needed to really start eating healthy, so the class gave me great examples on how to save time and eat healthy at the same time, The salad that Chef George Geary created, made me realize that I could have a salad every day. It was way cheaper to buy the heads of lettuce than to buy the bagged stuff anyways, in no time at all I was able to make and package up my salads for the week.

Chef George also had a whole lesson on just the dough blade! I enjoyed making the Cottage Bread, it was delicious, and extremely easy, He made it possible for me to make a loaf of bread that tasted like something you would get at a stake house! I then made the best pizza dough I have made in a long time and will never buy pre made pizza crust again.

The Peanut butter was such a great recipe to see, I am such a visual learner, and really have enjoyed learning how this easy process works. I decided that I wanted some Flax Seeds in my PB and why not make it!  At the store today I saw it on the shelf for $10.99 a jar! I was on a mission to make the same thing cheaper and so I did, I was able to make this same pb for under $4.00! Wha Who I saved us some money today!

the basic ingredients for Flax Seed Peanut Butter 

Flax seed peanut butter with animal cookies

Here is the simple recipe, adapted from the class
Peanut Butter
1 lb (2 cups) Roasted Peanuts, or other nut of your choice
2 Tbls of your favorite oil, I used Olive Oil
1/2 tsb of Cinnamon, or other spice that you would like, I used Cinnamon
1/2 tsb of salt (I used sea salt)
less than 1/4 Cup of brown sugar
1/4 cup Flax Seeds

process the nuts first with the blade for about 2 minutes. while the processor is running add the oil and the rest of the ingredients one at a time. then keep blending till you get the right constancy. We like eating it with animal crackers and apples.  This recipe is made best by viewing the lesson and then making it!

The last Recipe that I had to try was the Meat Loaf recipe. and it was so easy to make with the food processor, and it made my artist child happy while doing it, I got my hands all messy and it was fun to make!

This was such a great class, it really saved time for me, I now understand how to convert a recipe to use it for a food processor, I learned valuable tips that the pro's do to save time and energy, did you know that professional bakers don't always wash the bowl for every new batch of cookies, or cupcakes? They wash the bowl once at the end of the day. I also learned that you make all your dough one day and then bake the next day to save time, and energy. These are just some of the things that I learned from watching this class.

Other recipes that I want to try that were demonstrated in the class are:
cookie dough in the food processor (pb, chocolate chip, butter cookies)

So what do you want to try in your food processor? The food processor is a tool that every good cook/baker needs and the Craftsy Class is a great companion!

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