Thursday, January 5, 2017

Realistic flowers in watercolors step by step

By now you know that I love watercolor and flowers, I can't get enough during the winter months in the midwest. So when I found out that Realistic Watercolor Step by Step Craftsy class was only $10 I snagged it before I even thought twice about it. I am glad I did!
I used mostly Lemon yellow, Permanent rose, crimson red, and ultramarine blue for most of the flower, with a size 5 round and 1 round brush, for the veins I used a script brush. I opted out using white gouache for highlights. Next time I think I will try it with the white gouache. All the supplies I picked up at my local Micheaels store.

As you know I am all about the process of art, not the end result, If it makes me happy, and I enjoy it, then it's a win. This painting was fun to create,  I can't wait to try this process with other flowers.
blending colors 
Stippling and other blending techniques taught by Anna Mason

Although this class is a paint-along class, It's more than just the techniques, Anna teaches about color harmony, and uses only a handful of hues to create a beautiful painting. She teaches about how to add texture, and how to paint as if you are growing or creating this flower from nature, which I enjoyed the process of creating each petal. Most of the first lesson is filled with great ideas for warm ups when you start your painting session. I enjoyed the professionalism that she gave and all the great tips. You don't have to be a seasoned watercolorist to take this class, I really wish I would have taken this class earlier, as I believe that she teaches so much more than just painting a flower. 
Project I painted from Painting realistic flower Craftsy Class

This painting turned out beautiful that I plan to hang this flower in my house for everyone to see, I really loved the process of painting this flower, it wasn't stressful, and it was a fun class. I like you could make other floral paintings from this class, You could paint any botanical picture with the knowledge and skills you develop from this class.

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