Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What it means to be a Sahm (stay at home mother) #129

There are a ton of reasons to be a sahm. One small reason it means to be a stay at home mom is how we spend the money we have. I think it's really hard to stay with in a budget,! It's not my favorite thing in the world.

As a Sahm, I am always thinking about what can we get away with and what are our needs are as a family. Or, I am saving money on a vacation so we can go to Disney. This is what I do: September is a perfect month to not buy groceries, I am using up all that stock pile I've created in the past year, because in a month or two grocery stores are bursting with good deals, I just have to get through this month and not spend our money on things that we don't need. only but the essentials like milk, and produce. Seriously that's it that I am buying this month. and produce is negotiable. (I use my freezer a lot when produce is on sale at a rock bottom price.)

No stock pile?  You can still save some money by making meals with good nutrition sense. Here are some of my favorite meals that I go to when we are "out of money" (when I say were out of  money, it really means oops I spent too much money at the craft store this week, remember my art supply obsesion?)

Here are 2 Brenner Ideas (breakfast for dinner) Because you spent your grocery money on other things.... like art stuff:

Eggs, it's hard to beat the price of eggs and what nutritional value it packs. I always add cheese and some ham to it, but it's my go to were "out" of grocery money" and my family likes eggs a lot, Here is my fav. egg bake recipe: Farmers Casserole (side note, it calls for evaporated milk and I seem to never have it. I use regular milk.)

I keep going back and forth on is it worth my time to bake bread or to buy it, and I still don't have a good answer but it does taste like 100x's better when you make it. and it's really cheap if you have all the ingredients anyways.

Cottage Cakes  makes about 24 cottage cakes, or a meal and half for a family of 5
24 oz of cottage cheese
9 eggs
6 oz oil
1 cup flour (any will work)
1/4 cup sugar
and a splash or two of vanilla
mix it up like pancake batter and then use it as pancake batter to make. It's easy and my kids never seem to notice a "big" difference in their pancakes.  My difference is that it's full of protein, and breakfast for dinner, who doesn' complain?

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