Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The perfect cupcake Craftsy Class review

I love cupcakes, everything about the process: picking out the ingredients, making the batter, frosting and of course then putting on the finishing touches with some sprinkles, and eating them makes me giddy! So I had to take the Perfect Cupcake class by Jennifer Shea from Trophy's cupcakes At Craftsy. It was like a match made in heaven! Seriously I loved watching this class. OK, I binged watched the class and then went to bed dreaming up different type of cupcakes an how to frost them.  Then daydreaming what I want to do when I am rocking my toddler to bed... so yeah, it's been fun.)

So the nuts and bolts of the class is this, it's not just a cupcake class. It's a baking class that taught me how to make lemon curd, Pie crusts, jams, creme brulee, a Lavender cream filling, and loads of other components to make a great cupcake.  She gives you some of her recipe that Trophy bakery uses everyday in the class hand outs the tips she gives you along the way is also very practical and useful. The lesson is jam packed with useful ideas to help with making the perfect cupcake.

I must say that the my favorite part of the class was watching/learning the different texture and flavor of the cake it's self. After pondering about all the different ways I could make a cupcake was incredible!  I couldn't take my eyes off of the decorating your cupcake lesson,The perfect cupcake class by Craftsy was very informative and worth the time and rescources to perfect a cupcake. Jennifer did a wonderful job teaching. Part of the Craftsy online classes is being able to ask questions about the content of the class and have the instructor give feed back, Jennifer did, and all the feed back were really good and helpful.

 Here are some of the cupcakes that I made so far!
filled cupcakes ready to be frosted!

The filled cupcakes were: black berry cherry jam filled (inspired by the blue berry slury from class) a Pinata cupcake, My kids really liked those, and Caramel Filling.

Caramel filled Cupcake

Marshmallow creme, or meringue frosting with vanilla caramel filled
Cherry Raspberry Jam filled cupcake with marshmallow or Meringue frosting
Roll frosted technique, great for fast frosting!

Display of cupcakes for a girl party

The filled cupcakes were for the teachers for my daughter's school, they were all delighted to have received such a wonderful cupcake! I got a lot of complements from the teachers, and they couldn't believe that there was caramel in side of them. (I kept the Jam filled cupcakes. for the family!)

The motivation behind taking this class was so I could figure out a good cupcake to make for gatherings and bake sales, and this class was perfect for that, I can't wait to keep experimenting with the different flavors and textures. 

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