Thursday, September 8, 2016

Get your Flu shot and Hy-Vee deal

So I got my flu shot today, and they paid me to get it! No Joke! Since my insurance covers preventative care It was free, and then they gave me 20 cents on a fuel saver, so $4.00 off of gas! Can't beat that, so Get your flu shot, it takes about two weeks for your immune system to make it effective So GET YOUR FLU SHOT NOW, before you really need it!


  1. It's surprising that each year many people fail to get their flu shot with a vaccine that is proven to be effective. Getting the flu shot at no cost and actually earning money back on fuel is a great option for adults who receive Medicare and may be limited on their funds. I'm glad this can offer peace of mind to some Medicare recipients.

    1. I agree, I know it's put peace into my mind for my small children that would be really sick this year if we hadn't gotten our flu shot!


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