Sunday, September 11, 2016

Doughnuts with two ingredients

Did you see my post about the chocolate cake mix with pumpkin? If you have a cake pop maker or a doughnut maker you can make these! I made some peach butter (1 pint), and added that to a yellow cake mix (1 box,) baked them in the Baby Cake doughnut maker and they turned out amazing! once they were done, I dipped them into butter and then dipped them into cinnamon sugar to the top!

Add the spice or yellow cake mix with peach butter or apple sauce, what ever you have on hand... 

Get your helper ready to go... Here is my set up for the doughnuts with the butter and cinnamon sugar 

Here is the finish product... lol don't mind the mess!
Final price for this was about $1.50 to feed all of us! 

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