Friday, September 2, 2016

This weekend Craftsy Classes 50% off

Craftsy is having it's 50% off all classes sale this weekend! 

Calling all makers! Get 50% off every class. All of Craftsy's online classes are $19.99 or less — now through Sunday. *Select classes are not eligible, including those from Craftsy partner The Great Courses®.

The ones on my wish list are that I want to do this season while the kids are in school are:
The Art of Caramel Techniques Treats (Christmas is coming sooner that we think, and home made chocolate is always a good choice.)

Make the most of your food processor I am always looking for a good way to use my appliances, and the food processor has so many great ways to utilize a lot of gadgets.... which I need to weed through my gadgets Anyways this looks like a way fun class! I have heard really good things about this class!

Sketching landscapes in pen and ink with Sheri Blaukopf Because my artist's child needs to learn how to sketch and gesture paint, and I would have lots of fun painting with this class!

Food Photography, from plate to photo Hello, food and photography, yes please! This class sounds like a really good class to get your feet wet if you are curious about photography. It looks like the teacher gives good feed back to the work you submit to craftsy, so you get professional feed back to help you get better. That to me is worth the cost of the class!

The Perfect Cupcake, I like to bake, This seems like a good class to watch and get ideas on how to improve your baking skills.

Lovely Layered Cards a card making class that the teacher actually gives you comments about the project: The ones I have done none of the instructors have commented on my card projects,the paper crafting classes I have taken are really good, but it's nice to see a teacher's comment here and there.

What classes are you interested in?  I always like to know what other's are taking!

I also want to put a big shout out to Craftsy, I love it! there is an artist community that is positive and lively. Most of the teachers are really good replying back to your questions, and your projects, so you get professional critics from well known professionals in the area you are learning about. I really enjoy spending nap time learning about making cards, watercolor, utilizing my kitchen to it's fullest (aka cooking for my family.) 

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