Monday, September 19, 2016

Verve Stamp Card Color Challange

I really enjoyed this color challange, purple and light blue are such a great color combination that it was easy to find just what I wanted to do!

For this card I used water color (Gansia Tambai (Kurtake)),  corn flower blue and deep violet,  I used a geometric stencil that I made from kraft paper to add the blue color  I used a floral stencil on top of the geometric stencil, and that worked well for the color combo! For the sentiment part I dipped some water color paper into the ink I was using and let it sit there to soak up, then let it dry. Once it was dry I stamped the Love collection of sentiments from Fiscars stamps. Adhered that to the card, then mounted that card onto a card bass.

Thank you Verve for providing such a fun color combination sketch. I had so much fun with the colors, I tried some other ones with the same colors.

As always most of these techniques I used I learned from Craftsy, These techniques were from the 21 wild techniques with your card making supplies!

1 comment:

  1. Such a beautiful set of cards. Love them all. Thanks for joining us for our inspiration challenge!


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