Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Iowa Chocolates

So for my Husband's birthday I wanted to do something "sweet" for him, so I made him some chocolate caramel truffles.

Thanks to the Art Of Caramel class from Craftsy! It was really simple! use a favorite mold, mine was from a jello jiggler mold that turned into a chocolate mold.
1. Make the caramel sauce, as you would for apple dip, then chill it. (I would cook the caramel just a bit longer, like two minutes longer than the recipe said.) once it's cool keep it in the fridge, I made this a day before.
Watch this video, on how to do the rest!

 2 Melt the chocolate, I used semi sweet chocolate chips and some hershey bars.
3. make a mess and get the chocolate into the mold and leave some room for caramel. Let that shell harden.
4. Add the cool caramel to the chocolate, then seal the caramel with left over melted chocolate. Put it in the fridge to harden, then pop them out. Since it was hot and humid I kept the chocolates in the fridge.

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