Friday, September 2, 2016

Save hundreds of dollars, Learn to save money and coupon class!

That's right I am hosting my coveted couponing class! Where I have inspired so many to save hundreds!  I want to share my knowledge about how to save thousands of dollars every year by couponing and saving money.  I am not talking about the extreme coupon show, but it will feel that way when you star to track how much you saved. Here is a Taste of what I will cover (each section is one workshop... there's a lot to cover!)

Saving money and couponing  workshop

Intro, what money means to us… how do we spend it

  1. Grocery store layout. How it helps to save money, guidelines for buying produce, meat, dairy, deli, grocery, health, and beauty, pharmacy,
  2. Strategic Marketing tactics. Placement of products, size’s of the product, make it cheaper, circulars (grocery adds) and planning a shopping trip.
  3. Sale cycles
  4. Finding coupons
  5. Organizing coupons and use of coupons
  6. Price points and using coupons
  7. Utilizing your kitchen and talents to help save money
  8. Hy-Vee, Target, Walmart, store policies. Store coupons and other store deals to be aware of.
  9. Menu planning and implementing it

Starting Friday, September 16th we will meet in the morning 9:30-11:00 (Ankeny area) with a $5 cover charge to talk and worksheets about how to save money.
Leave a comment bellow if you are interested in attending and I will message you with more info. 

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