Sunday, October 30, 2016

Peace Be Still

I haven't always been at peace with my self, soul, or life. I would say for most of my life I haven't felt that empowering peace. Until recently I have felt that peace that comes in the stillness of the quiet times in my life.

This world is not a peaceful place, It's never going to be, so Peace needs to start in your heart, and let it expand to your family, and then to the world, I think that is what Peace Be Still is all about, when your heart is healed, and ready to be at peace with your life, you can be still, and realize how amazing this world can be. Only then can you feel that joy that comes from living, only then you can start to share that peace with your family. Family First right?

I came to this conclusion by pondering about Christ's ministry, and example. He calmed and healed every one that he loved. Because Christ's disciples needed to be healed, or comforted because they believed in him. It sounds simple and it is simple, to have your heart healed, and comforted, to find that peace that we hear so often is to believe and come to our savior with a believing heart

That sound easy enough right? This is what I did/do to help me get the stillness part of peace in my life. For me it's internal and very much about my soul.

1. Never be too busy to read scriptures with real intent, or  meditation if you meditate. The point is to clear your mind and soul and not worry about a thing. Which then leads me too Morning Pages

2. Morning Pages, I started writing three pages a day of long hand, I call it my life saver. It's simple: you write three pages of what ever comes to mind, you don't read them after, you just write, if you can't think of anything to write, you start writing words to lyrics, or scriptures, or a poem, it helps get your brain to relax. If you do have things to ponder this is a great place for your thoughts to go. write it, don't let any one to read it, if you do want to go back and read it, let it sit for a couple days or weeks then go back and reread it, the whole point of this life changing experience, is that this is a place for your thoughts to go, your deepest desire's in life, a place you can vent about your family, when no one else wants to hear about it. Write till you get to the other side of the problem.

3. I am grateful for the blessings I have,  I write them out, I talk about it with me kids, it's not like a big thing, sometimes I will say I am so grateful that we have caramel apples to share with each other, or I am so grateful the sun is shining today because I need the sunshine today in my life. paying attention and having a grateful attitude towards life helps bring more peace into your life. 

4.Don't compare! We are all made differently, none is alike or should we be. So why is it that we compare? Looking around and realizing what our potential is, is more productive than looking at what other people can do. This will help you have peace in your heart. Once I stopped  comparing myself to others, my life has became a lot more peaceful. 

5. Music, when all else fails, listen to uplifting music, and sort our your thoughts and feelings. I love listening to the Piano Guys, classical music or hymns. I find that lyrics can really distract my thoughts. Listen to anything that can help you sort out your thoughts and feelings. I am a true believer that if you don't sort out your thoughts and feelings, those thoughts and feelings will rule you, if you don't like a thought or a feeling get to the root of it by pondering!

 Here's to having a peaceful time during the stressful holiday season! We are doing better than we think! 

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