Monday, October 3, 2016

Fresh Eyes on your Card Making supplies Class at Craftsy

You know your in a card making rut when....

For me it was I couldn't make a masculine card for the life of me, every card had to have something cute on it...This class helped fix that problem for me. Since most masculine cards can have  more geometric shapes to them this class was perfect for me to get out of that rut!.

I love how her style is very modern, and fresh. Her eye for patterns and finding the right paper is a great way to stretch scrapbook paper farther.

This class is very technique filled. Which is such a great way to look at your supplies in a new light! She talks a lot about stencils, patterns and design.

Things I got out of the class: How to use your stencils effectively to get the look you want. She gives countless ways to make  your stencils work for you. The big trend right now is using stencils, I remember growing up tracing stencils, and cutting out the traced image and using it to collage them, but somehow during adulthood I forgot that I could do the same for my cards, Making my own stencils from Silhouette Design Store was a lot of fun, (she doesn't mention using the silhouette, I just didn't have the means to buy a bunch of stencils.). Another way she taught was to use what you have, and look at your supplies differently. Let me explain: Wait your a card maker and not a stamper? Me too, I like stamps, but I love paper and cards. She only used a little bit of stamps, and even then on one of the cards she used a stamped image I found that a piece of patterned paper that I all ready had worked. Another technique that  I was reluctant to try was to"stitch" I started to say that's so not for me, I was wrong, I loved it and I loved how the card turned out, you will too!

Things to keep in mind about this class: 
Miriam Prantner really enjoys working with shapes and patterns, and if you like a lot of glitz and embellishments, this class isn't that. It is a class to help you be more creative when it comes down to the raw materials that you have on hand (inks, dies, shapes, pattern paper, stamps and stencils) And I am grateful for it.  I know I get caught up in the I need more crafty supplies syndrome. This class helped me to look at what materials I have and to use them more effectively. I did purchase a stencil from hobby lobby but mostly I was able to used what I had on hand.  Her simple card designs makes her cards pop with graphics and color, This class is a great way to try a new technique that you may not have thought much about in the paper crafting industry.

I would recommend this Craftsy class to any one that is in a Card making rut and needs to get out of it, or If like me, have more boys and men than females that you need to make cards for, or for a beginner that doesn't know where to start and feels over whelmed with all the possibilities out there, or a seasoned paper crafter that needs a fresh look at what to do with supplies they already have (aka Opps, my husband knows how much I spent at the craft store this weekend.) So every one! This class is one I will refer to often and draw from when I need a creative boast! Thank you Miriam and Craftsy for a great class once again! Miriam has a blog if you want to cheek her out

The Stitching was a favorite of mine. I can't wait to stitch more paper! You were right Miriam!

I used a chevron type stencil that I inked with versa mark and the heat embossed with black embossing power. 

I cut out some stencils, then inked and heat embossed with clear embossing powder This idea was inspired by the lesson creative uses with your stencils

This is a digital stamp that I printed a couple times then pieced the stamped image together for a 3d look.

a simple graphic way to look at things. I really enjoyed making these note cards. I wanted it to be a bit more masculine. 

Did you have a favorite card that you want to see more of? I had a lot of fun creating these cards!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the class and I love seeing all your projects! You are on a roll! Especially loving that you were able to apply some of these techniques to digi elements and that I've changed your mind on stitching. ;)


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