Friday, October 21, 2016

Superman Lunch

A Superman lunch I can be proud of! I have been dreaming of doing this lunch for a while. I needed an outlet today so I painted a bit, and after feeling better about creating something, my thoughts turned to a Superman Lunch for E, So I did and it was so much fun to make it and eat this Superman lunch with my boys! 

I started it with Grilled cheese, nothing fancy, but for a 4 year old this was awesome! I used the stencil that came with the cookbook to make the Superman shield I sprinkled cinnamon over the stencil, and then placed it onto the sandwich! (use any other reddish/brownish ground spice that your kids wouldn't mind the taste of, my kids don't like spicy things.) 

Then I shredded some Carrots, I let him plunge the carrots down with the plunger to my food processor, he liked watching the carrots turn to shreds. I think it's important to let children help in the kitchen because it gives them a sense of where their food came from. I was grasping at straws to get him to eat any vegetables, I was reverting to veggie straws, that didn't really have much veggies in them. So after telling them that they give Super Man X-Ray vision, he was good to eat it, Seriously he at the whole thing! Thank you Downtown BookWorks for changing the world of veggies for my son.

Superman X-Ray vision Carrots, (My style)

2 cups or shredded carrots, (makes about 4 servings)
Ranch dressing (enough to coat all the carrots to your liking.)

Mix the carrots and the ranch dressing together, then add Croutons, or crackers to garnish

I got to say, I love this cook book, if you have a tradition to give a book to your children for Christmas,  give them a cookbook, you can't go wrong, I have been doing this for the past two Christmas's and I have had so much fun cooking in the kitchen with my Kids.

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