Monday, October 24, 2016

Non Messy Window art

Ok, so there is a bit of prep work on the mamma side of things for this project, cut out in black construction paper the negative images, shown in the picture is a picture of a pumpkin that I cut out with my silhouette, but you could easily do shapes, leaves, a pumpkin face, the sky's the limit.

I then let my son chose what color of tissue paper, and make him tear the tissue paper up, that was his favorite thing to do when creating this project. Remember that less is more when it comes to art projects, so I only gave him a little bit of tissue paper, Like 1/4 of a sheet of tissue paper.

Cut a piece of clear contact paper (not white, or with patterns, you want clear contact paper.) to the size that you want the finished size, I did 5x5, it worked well!

Lay down the black pieces of what ever you cut out first, then have your child place the torn up tissue paper on the sticky side of the contact paper, once done, tape it to the window and you have a really cool stain glass look, if you want a cleaner look, trim the lose and stray tissue paper, I thought it looked clean enough, so I didn't, but if your ocd like I am and it drives you crazy, you can always trim it to the way you like. This craft is a good one for toddler's too, I would pre cut, or tear the tissue paper for the toddler.

This is one of my go to crafts when I want some extra color in my house! I use this craft idea for all the seasons on the year, some times when we have rose pedals I will use those instead of tissue paper, for a spring/summer craft, but you could easily do this with a Christmas Tree shape, or star, the possibilities are endless, and a really a good trade off for how it looks!

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