Thursday, October 20, 2016

To Be Joyful in any circumstance

I recently posted my story, it's a bit exciting, and scary, I feel vulnerable, and yet exhilarated! so cheek it out here.

I mention that I suffer from Seconal Depression, and it's October so for me it's starting and I can feel it in my mind and body, seriously I wold love to know why, in October it starts, and the peak of this depression is in January, then it subsided in April! Yay, 6 months of crazy! Sorry, it's not crazy, just a different feeling that I can feel, and I don't like it one bit.

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints we are encouraged  to be joyful in any circumstance,  Our October General Conference  multiple talks or sermons are about feeling joyful: here, here, and here (all in the Sunday Morning Conference) Elder Holland's Like a Broken Vessel is one of the best talks that I have cried through and felt like one of my prayers were answered.

So how do I handle the start of the Seasonal Depression? Here is my top ten list of ways to help Seasonal Depression, SAD:

1. READ IN THE SCRIPTURES.  There is great power that comes from heaven when we read from the bible, or other scriptures. If reading "isn't your thing" watch bible video's.

2. Positive thinking helps. I'm not talking about, I look good today, or what I call fluff thinking, although it can help. I am talking about positive energy. the more positive thoughts you put out to the universe, the more positive energy you will get back, then attract more positive energy from others.  For an example, I tell my self before I wake up my kids in the morning that they are awesome and they are going to do awesome things today. Think of it as perspective, and then see what happens. Go here for a more in depth about this positive thinking thing 

3. Cheek out the Artist's Way book, it has changed my life! (more on this in sooner than later post.)

4. Exercise, until you feel different, for me If I walk/ jog for 30 minutes my endorphin's kick in and I feel better for it. Bonus points if you are able to get out side and get some sunshine!

5. Own up to it, for a very long time I would hide behind seasonal depression, and just feel blah, That didn't help, so I own up that this is an issue for me and let every one know that seasonal depression happens to me. I will sometimes say Yes, I don't want to do anything because it's January and it's hard for me to want to. That doesn't sound lazy, I mean really who wants to do much in January anyways right?

6. Take extra vitamins especially Vitamin D, There has been research examining the relationship of vitamin D to seasonal effective disorder (SAD), schizophrenia, and depression. go Here for this article here and here to learn more about Vitamin D and how nutrition can help with Depression. I had to talk to my husband, (pharmacist) and tell the doctor to get a lab drawn to see if I had a Vitamin D deficiency, I did, it was super really low (like I was only getting 10% of what my body needed.) Most insurance doesn't pay for this lab work any more, I just buy over the counter vitamin D at the pharmacy I double up in October-April, talk to your pharmacist, they will lead you in the right direction. 

7.  This is one that I have helped me the most, but for some reason it's the hardest, it sounds simple, Pay attention, or more simply stated: look at the world around you in the here and now. For some reason when I am able to just focus on the here and now, my perspective changes for the better. some of my favorite memories were made from me focusing on the here and now. Yes life is tough, but if your able to give your child 20 minutes of your time and focus on them, you will feel different and better for it. This simple exercise will transform your life. 

8. Talk with friends, family, and most importantly loved ones. Just talk, I have a friend that lives across the state, so we don't get to see each other on a regular basis.  There have been times that I will call her at 1pm in the afternoon when I feel like I don't want to do anything at all. I will say, so I am calling you because I need motivation to..... clean, or pick up my daughter from school, it sounds horrible I know, but sometimes you need motivation and it's not coming,IT'S OKAY To have a friend that can talk with you, it's just a simple chat, nothing to deep or too long, but to have some one else to talk to is a blessing. Lord know's I needed a friend like this!

9. Taking time for your self. I wake up early in the morning to do my thing. Sometimes it's water color, or paper crafting, or blogging. carve time out for you, find time to do something that you like to do, and do it alone! for me I need at lest two 2 hour sessions of me time every week, usually it's in the art's. TV doesn't count, doing something with your hands, or making you think helps.

10. Last but not lest, Be kind to your self, tell your self, Self, you are awesome, and you will do awesome things ( a lot like positive thinking) but there have been times in my life that I have said over and over to my self (because I just felt like a horrible person,) I am a Child of God, I am made to be awesome, I am a child of God, I am made to be Awesome., I am a Child of God, I am made to be awesome! those horrible feelings I felt about my self went a way, and I was able to do the things I was meant to do.  So find an affirmation that suits you to help those feelings of inadequacy go away. The Artist's way book has a bunch, I will hope to post more about this sooner than later also! 

So I am sure there are lots of other ideas that has helped you, or some one you love battle this SAD disorder. I would love to hear what helps, I think with depression, it's a paradox, we feel lonely, and yet we need to be social. 

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