Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rolled painted pumpkins

I love paint, color, and texture this project incorporates all of those art elements! This kid's art project is really a fun one, that can involve most every one in the family. My toddler liked splattering the paint onto the white butcher paper, while my Pk and elementary children enjoyed making the pumpkins.

lay out a big piece of white butcher paper, I use about 3 feet. Let the kids paint however they want, with the sponge rollers, I just used orange paint, that way they didn't mix anything.

While the paint was drying, I made a couple of simple pumpkin stencils that they traced onto the butcher paper,  so the two older children could cut out the pumpkin.

I did use my Silhouette cameo for the face shapes, but you could cut them out by hand. I let them decide what kind of pumpkin face they wanted, it was fun to see them be so creative!

Thank you to the Artful parent, her blog and her book has helped me play more with my kids, more so than ever before! She is really talented!

Alex's website (where I got the foam rollers) also has some cute Halloween activities that would be fun to do for some easy decorations! Here is the link  Happy Haunting!

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