Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A yummy Artist's Date

I had a fun artist's date this week that I thought I would share, here is more about an artist's date. I didn't leave my house, and I didn't do any "art" I did however try out a new candy that I have been wanting to try but never had the courage, so once I figured out that toffee was mostly butter and brown sugar, I thought oh I'll try that.

In life it's all about the experience right? My artist, yes I speak about my artist as a person that's part of me. ( she really is just a little kid, not always sure about her self, and wants to have fun.) My Artist wants to feel comfort and excited. Often times doing something in the kitchen helps with these two feelings. So making candy sometimes is therapeutic for me and my artist's child. It's not very logical, and it sure is not sensible... I didn't plan to share the batch of toffee I made either. As doing this as an artist's date I felt like it was my choice to "share" I can be a stingy person when it comes to candy.

 So when it was time for me to clean up the kitchen two days later, the Toffee was gone, and with a smile on my face I glanced over and saw two knives on the pan that I used to let it cool off. I smiled because with art, or anything creative, cooking, baking, art, it's meant to be shared, and the picture of those two knives symbolized to me once again that my creativity does in fact enrich those around me. I may not see it, and I may not want to see just how much my creativity does affect my family but it was a nice reminder to see the two knives on the pan quietly telling me that as much fun as it was to make toffee for your self, other's also enjoyed it, that was an eye opening moment for me. Creativity does matter for my family

I should note, that the toffee looked horrible, the butter separated, and the fat rested on top of the chocolate, so I didn't think any one would want to eat it, (no one in my family cares about looks but me when it comes to food.) If you got over the aesthetics, it was amazingly good! It also never got crispy,  I thought that the thermometer hit hard crack stage, but it never got crunchy like it should have. So I guess I will try again! SOL.

I hope that if you are in need to get closer to your artist's child  you can find your self in the kitchen more and more, it's there where life seems to happen, and yes I do believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Lucky for my family has me that loves to be in the kitchen, it brings me joy most days to cook in the kitchen.

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