Monday, October 17, 2016

Super Hero Plastic Man Lunch

My son loves not eating his food his mother makes for him... so I have to be creative with his lunch.  So I got him this cookbook  DC Super Hero Cookbook  while reading it together we found this recipe! Seriously best idea ever, you can turn ordinary food into a super hero, or a monster, call it what you will with those Wilton's candy Eyeballs!

So easy, if you want to add some vegetables to this you can put pizza sauce under the cheese, I just let him sprinkle cheese on the garlic bread, and baked it, then we added the candy eyeballs. Done!

So you could totally do this and call it mummy bread  for Halloween!

If you love the Idea of this cookbook you can find it at Amazon Totally worth the $13.98 of you have super hero fans in your house. I should note, that at the back of the cookbook it has stencils that you could scan in and use over and over again. along with cut out's of all the DC Characters that you could use to decorate food with too.. i'm excited to do a Batman, Superman birthday party!

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