Thursday, December 15, 2016

Watercolor freezer paper masking Christmas cards

I am in love with masking watercolor! Enter into the world of freezer paper and your silhouette, and I may never feed my kids, (just kidding, I have a stash of food in my studio for my kids when I don't want to stop to feed them. the love me!)  Anyways.... I may have finally admitted that I am not a stamper, I am a water colorist. So to get a graphic look with out buying or making a stamp I will share with you my cheaper version of high end stamped watercolor cards, that doesn't use a single stamp.. The secret, cutting out freezer paper!

It's not really my idea, Kristina Werner has a great tutorial on this youtube video

First find some good clean graphic type files, I used a pointsetta, a deer, geometric shape You get the idea...

Cut out the shapes from Freezer paper, and then iron on the cut freezer paper to the watercolor paper (I used cheap kid's watercolor paper,) The tooth isn't great but it works for this type of card.  for what we are doing this paper works out well for us and it's super cheap, I can get like 100 bases if I cut them out my self for like $4.00, totally worth it.

I mixed the Starry Colors into the Kuretake Watercolors to get a metallic watercolor pigment, and it really does look nice, it's super fun to mix them up and use them, it makes me happy!

On a side note about ironing on the freezer paper, I had to turn my iron up to like steam for the paper to stick to the Freezer paper, and let it cool before you start water coloring it on. otherwise it may bleed into the freezer paper.

I enjoyed playing with  washes, and gradient washes, I also chose to do some flooding techniques for some.

This project was a fun one, I enjoyed getting about 15 hand made one of a kid cards done in a morning.
You can find all my files that I used on the Silhouette Design store


  1. I love this idea!! Stamps are so expensive. I really want to concentrate in 2017 on my watercoloring and being creative with focal images. Your blog post has certainly inspired me!! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Your welcome, thank you for the kind words, I have felt inspired to do these for a while and I thought that Christmas would be a great time for this technique! i like freezer paper, sometimes stamps are really nice but I have found that I will buy a stamp and only use it 2 times and it's not really worth my money to do that so if your masking, why not use freezer paper?!


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