Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Holiday Season at Hy-Vee

I love grocery shopping during the holiday season, I can really get some good deals. I thought I would give you some of my top items I stock up during this two week sale cycle that happens every year around this time.

Juice pouches for $.99-$1,79, cheaper than Sams Club!

Peanut Butter, $.99 a jar, you wont see a sale like this until August, so if you go through PB, now is the time to make multiple trips to Hy-Vee for PB. I go through about a jar ever other week, so I need about 30 Jars to last me till August! (if you are building up a stock pile!)

Butter, did you know Butter freezes really well, it's silly to buy butter at regular price. I love the taste of Hy-Vee butter, its much more flavorful than Sams club brand, and to me having good butter in my baked goods is totally worth it!

Flour, $.99 5lb. bag, Yes Please, I will be stocking up on this item.

I keep an eye out for those un-advertised deals, like bacon, Cream Cheese, cheese blocks, Egg Nog, chocolate Milk, Chex Cereal, take and bake pizza, chocolate chips, (so lots of dairy, and baking Items)

On a diffrent note, Our husbands are joining more and more in our weekly shopping trips according to the FMI Grocery retail group.

Happy Grocery shopping! it's going to be fun saving money and working on your stock pile this week!

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