Saturday, December 3, 2016

Paper Candle holder with flowers

Don't you love projects that just make you happy? This project has been in my minds eye for awhile, ever since I got this file from Jamie Lane, I have been wanting an excuse to do this project. I knew I wanted to do a flower arrangement with a led candle holder, so this sorta just fell right into my lap!

I cut out the 5 count candle holder on wood pattern paper (it took two 12x12 sheets)
I then cut out some small flowers from this file, but only used the small inside flower, I then painted the flowers with some yellow gold from the Starry Colors from Kuretake which really didn't take me that long, while the flowers dried, I shaped them to look more like flowers.

then I added small red gems, and glued the whole flower to the candle holder. This project was super easy! I then added some battery led candles from Hobby Lobby and it was complete!

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