Sunday, December 18, 2016

My Cookie Exchange Cookie I shared

Lets face it, in life it's all about the cookie... right? This year I was invited to a cookie exchange, I love them! We all have grand plans to NOT EAT THE COOKIES and give them away in nice little plates to friends and neighbors right? I will freeze my cookies until Christmas Eve when we have a family game night. (by that time my kitchen mojo is in hiding, and I can't get her to do a thing.)

So I thought about what I wanted to do and then what time allowed me to do, and I kept coming back to cake mix cookies. But how do you dress up cake mix cookies so they look festive? with a big grin on my face I came up with a brilliant plan. I am sure it's been done before but no where have I seen it done the way I did it... so let me walk you through the process. 

Chocolate Mint cake mix cookies
for the topping: 
1 can chocolate frosting, I used Pillsbury, but any will work.
1 box of Andes Mints
melt the Andes Mints, add the frosting, melt that, you don't want to over melt it to much then it will become more like a syrup, you want your mixture to hold it's shape a bit. Pour the mixture onto a piece of parchment paper. ( I also think it would work as fudge, but it in a brownie pan, let it cool) Sprinkle Candy Cane Crunch on to the wet chocolate mixture. let it cool and set up, (2 hours or so.)

Once the chocolate mixture is set up, cut it up into about 1 inch or so squares. 

Making the cake mix cookies is the easy part, I followed this recipe  but I didn't put in chocolate chips. (I'm sorta weird.) 
You will need 2 eggs, oil, water. mix, and bake...
Once they were out of the oven, I placed a square of chocolate mint on the cookie, then transferred them to the cooling rack. 

On a different note: If putting the chocolate candy square on the cookie doesn't seem like something you would do, you could melt the mint chocolate mixture after the cookies have been baking and then dip the top of the cookie in the melted chocolate mixture, then add the Candy Cane Crunch. That would be a cookie that is worth giving to a cookie exchange too! 

I know I am not the only one that has came up with some fun toppings for cookies, do you have one that you love? I would love to hear from you, leave a comment bellow! Happy Baking! 

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