Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jolly Holiday Lights at Adventureland

Traditions run deep in our family, and Jolly Holiday Lights is something we do every year, rain or shine, snow or no snow.... last year was the first year we were unable to go through Jolly Holiday lights. So with a lot of anticipation I was really looking forward to seeing Jolly Holiday Lights again this year! I am glad that Adventureland did a great job putting this amazing display of lights for the Des Moines metro! I like this new tradition at Adventureland. My only notes for Jolly Holiday Lights, is even though it says it's at Adventureland, and you do enter at the Adventureland parking lot, IT'S NOT AT ADVENTURELAND. It's in the campsite, so you enter in the park entrance, then pass through the Adventureland inn parking lot to get to the campsite, which works, just clogs up traffic a bit, but totally worth going!

Bring your camera, and visit Santa in Santa's Workshop, it's fun how they decorated the camp's common area. Make a Wish asks for just a cash donation to take pictures with Santa, or do what we did, and pay the $10 for a printed picture of the kids with Santa and then you can take pictures too!

I just want to mention to, GET YOUR ADVENTURELAND SEASON PASSES SOON! It's totally worth it if you live in the Des Moines Metro! We practically live there in June and July... we are on a first name basis with some of the ride workers (aka, if you need me in June or July, I'm at Adventureland with my kids.)

So here are some of the displays that we liked as a family

Enjoy looking at lights with your family, and enjoy the giggles, the smiles, and the laughter of your children while looking at this wonderful display of lights to brighten your Christmas!

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