Saturday, December 17, 2016

Santa's Visit

I love how when I am walking and thinking about my next shindig I plan for my kids, how a budding Idea can become reality, this was the case for me while walking early November, I thought how can I get Santa to come to our house, with a bit of Christmas Cheer I made it happen!

We kept it light, I wanted it to be magical for my kids, and test the waters to see if I could pull off breakfast with Santa, I did! It was just our family, Santa brought a gift for each of the kids, and we sent him on his way with Waffles and Bacon and a plate of cookies. A perfect start to a perfect day!

The How: I asked a friend that my kids didn't know that well, He even had a Santa Suit,( I also had one, it's stored in our attic. I got the Santa suit for like $10 at a garage sale) I knew that most Saturday are busy so I wanted it to be early in the morning, so we chose for 8:30 am. Santa couldn't eat with us, so we gave some food to him before he left,

I told my daughter that I got a text for the North Pole that morning, that said that Santa is gong to be in our area and he wants to stop by to make sure they were being good... So Miss Thing had to wear her Santa Dress.

There is magic in the air when Santa shows up, something about feeling happy and peaceful there isn't a feeling in the world that can describe the feeling of wow! Santa came to visit us!

I think I may have started a new tradition for our family... lets see if it continues for the years to follow!

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