Friday, December 9, 2016

CreativeLive Gift Giving

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My husband recently said:  I haven't gotten you anything fun yet for Christmas... So what do you want? By the end of my quick brainstorming session, I knew I wanted to take some online art classes, CreativeLive does this well, and it's really easy to give a gift to a "creative." with CreativeLive.

If you haven't gotten a membership, it's free, and worth it. There is always a free class on at CreativeLive!

Watch FREE online courses live at

There are lots of classes that are broadcast, and it's free, I like to RSVP them, so when the time comes that they are on, it will email me saying it's free right now to view.  Creativelive classes are usually priced well, you get a lot of info in one class for your money. Click here to get started!

Here are some of the other deals going on:

Best of 2016 Sale - Top 100 Classes Starting at $22 at CreativeLive

Here is how you can give a Gift to your "creative" from CreativeLive once there, pick on a class that you think the receiver might like, and click Give as gift, then it will ask you when you want it delivered to them.

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