Friday, December 9, 2016

Santa Washi Tape

I love a product that I can use more for multiple things, I have found Washi and Decorative Tape to be a wonderful trendy paper crafting item that is very versatile! Need some Little B. Santa Tape? Yes Please! I was excited to see this product at Memory Bounds during their Christmas open house.

Here are some of the fun ways I used washi Santa Tape

This was some home made caramel that I wrapped with wax paper squares, and then wrapped Santa washi tape around. Is't it supper cute?  They also tasted incredible! Here is how you can make the Caramel

This next project was really fun and easy to  make, and could be reproduced easily. All you need is Red textured card-stock, white paper, black buttons, and Santa Tape! Cut the white card-stock short enough to leave room for the tape, place the Santa buckle in the middle towards the bottom. pictured at the left is a simple card that is just a red card with the Santa belt tape, and it still looks cute! 

For the Treat box, I cut it out with a Lori Whitlock SVG file, that worked perfectly, I also didn't add the white and it looked cute.

Here is a close up of a tag and a card, I had some embossed paper from another project that I thought would work perfect for the card, It did, and then it was easy enough to add some black buttons.  

I really love  products that makes me happy, this did, and I am excited to give this card to Santa when he visits for our Santa breakfast this Saturday! 

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