Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Busy toddler activities that don't cost much

Life is an adventure with a toddler! I love toddlers like 99% of the time, the other one percent can drive me crazy at times. So I keep him busy.  Here are some of my go to ones this month:

1. Sand Box, if you don't have one get one. The best place to explore science and nature is seriously in the sand box. where else can they play and be one with the world?

2. Kitchen sink with your measuring cups, and a slow stream of water, I barley turn the water on, with the sink plugged while I clean up the kitchen. I use a step stool, and let him get wet a bit, but have a firm rule that if he spills water on the floor he is done. It works. Then we got some dish soap out, he really loved the bubbles. (easy enough!)

3. Window crayons are so much fun for toddlers, get your self a window crayon set from Crayola, I got mine at Michaels, during Black Friday of last year, and we love them! I then let him clean up with me, it's the other half of the fun!

I know there are ton's of great ideas out there, My sound advice: find out what works great for your toddler this month (next month will change) and do it every day until he's done with the activity. Think of it as toddlers love redundancy (that's why they don't mind watching the same episode of Paw Patrol for a whole afternoon.) So don't reinvent the wheel when it comes to activities for toddlers, I have been there with my other two, and feel like it's so not worth the mental energy to try and come up with things to keep them busy.

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