Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kuretake watercolor cards with variegrated wash

Joy shape from Silhouette
I love watercolor for the interesting techniques you can get, add this with Kuretake Ganai Tambi Starry colors, you can really get some neat effects!

Cut your watercolor to size, mine were 4.5x5.5 (I cut it then to the size that I wanted after I knew what worked for each card.)

Mix the starry colors with the pigment, then paint the variegated wash
If your new to making a variegated wash go here for a quick tutorial
I played around, and when the paper was still a bit wet I would add some extra Starry Color  to add more shimmer.

Joy Shape from Silhouette

Kuretake Starry Colors come in gold and silver, it's easy enough to match the golds with the colors you are using. For example, if you use a red hue from the Gansai Tambi, use the red gold that comes in so the colors don't make mud, the goal here is to get your metallic to work with the pigment.

While the paper is drying, I cut out some shapes on the Cameo Silhouette on white card stock, and gold card-stock. I chose some that were thick, and graphic, and that would compliment the variegated wash

Once the paper is dry, you can add the die cuts, and the paper that makes the card shine. I also used some decorative tape to add some extra glitz.

Reindeer silhouette branch frame
  Each card's background was created with the V.wash, cut to the size that I thought would work best.  I added some embossing paper and ribbon along with some decorative tape.
Geometric tree cut

Adding two different colors and texture to the card really can add intrest, these cards has an elegant feel to them and I didn't want to add to much color to the base of the card so the watercolor can be the star of the show.

Christmas Card shape
I really enjoyed making these cards, the watercolor wash was so fun to play with, I enjoyed all the ideas I came up with while making these cards. I can't wait to send them to some of my family and friends!

Happy creating!


  1. These are beautiful! Love the fun variegated wash backgrounds. Thanks for joining us for our Diva Inspirations challenge!

  2. Gorgeous set of cards! I love the pretty backgrounds. Thanks for joining us at The Card Concept!

  3. Such a great set of Christmas cards. You are being so creative with your Cameo!! Love the watercolour backgrounds too. Thank you so much for joining us at The Card Concept!


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