Monday, September 16, 2013

Welding letters with Silhoutte studio

To weld letters in Silhouette takes a bit of small practice, Silhouette has a good tutorial on youtube, I have posted one that is a great tutorial to watch. I say a bit of practice because if you have never used the welding feature you might have to play around a bit, but once you play a bit you will love it for so many uses I can't imagine not having this simple tool for crafting. I especially love the welding feature for scrap-booking. I love that you can print and cut your journaling with out so many pieces and the title still looks layered.

If you were going to do the journaling box with the title cut out and the body copy welded to the title you would do this:
~ Type out your title in my case it's Mamma's New Man
~ Make a box and type in your journaling.
~ once it's type set to the way that you like it, make sure that all the text is selected to not cut, (I always seem to forget this simple thing and I always have to print a cut again since the silhouette thinks its going to cut out all the small letters, which is why I am welding all of this together in the first place, so click on no cut so you don't forget)
~ Then when the title is selected offset the title to be a bit thicker  usually go a bit more than what is preset at.
~ Once you get the offset to the size that you like group the title and the offset cut (you should see that it will only cut the offset since you said to not cut out the text title)
~ place half the title on top of the text box and weld it together, you should have the title welded to the text box. (this is an easy step if you have welded anything before, if not watch the youtube video that I posted to help you.

I hope you enjoy journaling in your scrapbook as much as I do, I didn't at first but now I really enjoy it because of the welding and print and cut feature that the cameo has. (makes life easier)

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