Friday, September 27, 2013

Split Monogram Home Decor

This project was simple to make, but did take more time that I thought but turned out worth it. so here are the steps,

12x24 cutting mat
12x24 vinyn
12x24 stretched canvas (I got mine from Michaels)
Acrylic paint
12x24 contact paper

1. watch the youtube video on split monograms and how to do it in Silhouette's Designer software (a great way to learn how to use the knife tool) Then design your Monogram

2. find a cute family quote that you would like with your monogram, This image worked great under the monogram, I have seen some with just the quote on a square canvas. The quote will need to be cut out on vinyl, so make sure you can cut it out.

3. paint your canvas, I use an acrylic wash, (think water color)  I liked the texture look, wait for it to dry  and set it aside.

4. place the vinyl on the mat and cut it out on your Silhouette. Then on to the tedious part ( take out all the negative vinyl part) after that is done take your contact paper and cover the design to transfer the vinyl to the dry canvas. Rub on the image (this is much easier said than done!)  Smile and think I am so awesome to your self and your done!

Here is another tutorial on how to use contact paper as transfer tape go here

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