Saturday, September 28, 2013

Corn cob child craft with Silhouette

I love crafting with my kidlets, and this worked out great for my P-k and toddler. While painting I talked about Iowa and all the corn and harvesting that will be happening soon.

I used Silhouette cutting file Design ID #33884

Size the corn to be about 6 inches high
I cut out the corn cob on yellow pattered paper and the husk on green paper, 
Then I had kidlets paint the husk with green paint. if you wanted to get more creative you could use a feather or some string to make it fun for them to paint. 
For the cob I gave them red, yellow, and orange pant and a q-tip and had them make dots on the corn.
after waiting for the paint to dry I ran the husk through my Zyron to glue to the cob, I did this because the husk was curling and I didn't want it to curl.

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