Friday, September 27, 2013

Rhinestone projects

Need some bling? here are some ideas, and some quick notes on how to use rhinestones

I really enjoy designing my own Rhinestone images, all of these are my own creations and they were all simple to create. The best way is to find an image using google search, I like to search for line drawings, the simpler the better in my opinion. Then you trace the image in Silhouette Designer edition studio software. after it's traced to your satisfaction you go to the rhinestone window and play with the settings. I like linear fill  for big blocky things and  outline is great for all icons, and simple images. I like to keep the rhinestones close together so I play with the spacing most times.

For the Iowa shirt, btw I love it! I used the Big Ten Mania font found here  and used the Linear setting, changed the spacing to 1mm the Iowa word spacing was set to .30mm with SS10 rhinestones.

Other notes: I highly recommend the Silhouette's Rhinestone Starter Kit, and get the picker upper guy (pick up tool)- totally worth it, and the hot fix rhinestone setter, with out these tools it's hard to get the rhinestones placed perfectly.

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