Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bath Salts

As I promised, I thought I would share my awesome bath salt recipe, that is awesome! (love it for so many things) The most expensive thing is the essential oil, but you don't use a ton and it will last for a while, I am learning a ton of things to do with essential oil and I am a bit addictive to it's power.

This bath salt will make you think your in a spa, a great way to unwind after a busy day with kidlets!

Bath Salts (makes 6 - 2 cups containers) with a bit to spare for a bath for you
12 cups Epsom salt (1- 4lb pkg)
1 1/2 cups of baby soap ( I wanted the most gentle soap I could find for sensitive skin)
5-7 drops of Lavender essential oil
4 drops of red food coloring
3 drops of blue food coloring
6, 2 cup containers (I used Zip Lock containers when they were on sale at Christmas)

Mix the soap, essential oil, and food coloring together in a bowl, then add the epsom salt into a big bowl or tub (I used my sensory table tub and had by 4yr old mix it with me) then you let it dry over night or to let it dry outside for the afternoon if it's really hot. Then package them into 2 cup containers.

So getting to the prices of each one,

Salt $4
Essential oil $10 (but for one batch I am going to say about.50, a little bit goes a super long ways)
Bath soap $2 you won't use the whole bottle and I used baby magic with a coupon so it wasn't that much, but average you will spend about $2
Food coloring, I had- free
Zip lock containers .75 But you could easily but the salt into a zip lock bag and save money that way also.
Paper and stickers- free from my stash,
Grand total= 7.25 for all of it, so about 1.25 per gift, I think that is a great deal for something personal that you made with your daughter, I see this working out really well for Christmas.

My inspiration for this recipe is from:

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