Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My top classes to take with BOGO Craftsy SALE!

Craftsy has a Buy One class get one Free, and there are some really good ones to take if you are looking to learn a new skill!

GO HERE for the last post on what classes I would pair up! there are some really good ones you might not want to miss, including watercolor cards, watercolor as an art, yummy and healthy FOOD, and CARD and STAMPING classes that I learned so much from! 

Go here for the Bagel class that I love!

My recent class I took was the Bagels and Pretzel class, totally worth it! the bagels I made were so inexpensive, and you didn't need any extra equipment! I figured for one batch of bagels (8-4oz bagels) cost only $1.50 in ingredients! totally worth it if you like to bake and save money like this girl does! (so totally worth the money to take this class!

My quick tip for saving money with Craftsy is: to buy classes when they are on sale, sometimes you can get a class for $10, but my favorite time to get classes is their BOGO event, because you get to choose what you want, and usually the classes are about $20, so you could get two classes for $20, It's totally worth it! The Craftsy community is awesome, I have learned so much from other students that I just really love being a part of the community! If you are part of the Craftsy community please feel free to follow me! 


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