Monday, March 13, 2017

Why I haven't bought face moisturizer for two years!

I have the best face moisturizer! it's my favorite, you can't beat it, and it's not that expensive to make....

This is my amazing face moisturizer recipe I have made. You can thank me later!
I would not double the recipe unless you use a double boiler,  and you plan on giving it away, the shelf life is for about 3 months, and a little goes a long way! I always seem to run out of one batch three months later. So if you double give it away. You can also melt the ingredients in a microwave, I would do 1 min. intervals.

Best Ever Face moisturizer
3 Tablespoons of Shea Butter
1 teaspoon of shaved or pellet size beeswax
1.5 Tablespoons of Aloe Gel, I like the clear gel
1 teaspoon of a carrier oil, I use coconut or grapeseed oil

+ EO's that you like, I use Frankincense 10-15 drops, lemon 10 drops, and lavender 10 drops in mine, but use what you have, I have been known to do just put lemon and lavender in the moisturizer.

Melt the shea butter and the beeswax until it's all the way melted. I use a melting pot from Ranger, but you could use a double boiler or a microwave for this.

Then once that is all melted, I add the aloe gel and the carrier oil, let that all melt together then I pour the moisturizer into a glass jar with a lid and add your oils, and mix that up.

Let it stand for a day or so, it needs time to rest, I don't know why but waiting a day makes it better.

And that my friend is how you make face moisturizer, remember if you go outside add some sun block to your face, I like SPF 30 for my face!

To break down the price, you might laugh, but here it goes


Grand total for the base of this amazing moisturizer is $36.52 without Eo's

The math of the breakdown:
you use 1.5 oz of shea butter per batch, so there are 10 batches of shea butter for one jar! so for $3.65 plus whatever EO's you use, it's very cost effective! and that my friend is why I don't buy face moisturizer.

Dont' you just love when you can make something you use all the time for cheaper than you can buy at the cosmetic counter?  I mean you know what you put in it, you can customize the scent to whatever you dream up, (I have made a night time one and a daytime one with different scents.)

I have been making this for over 2 years now, and I still have half the jar of Shea butter, and a lot of beeswax left. Use what EO's and carrier oils you have on hand you will love this!

the Pharmacist wife is coming out, here is the why I use the bulk ingredients:

Shea Butter Benefits: Moisturizing: The concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in shea butter makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for the skin. 

Aloe vera contains something called proteolytic enzymes which repair dead skin cells. It's a natural anti-age agent, it feels amazing on your skin, especially in the winter when your face is windburn or sunburn. 

Beeswax carries antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that are essential in fighting chapped skin and bacterial infections that tend to affect us most in the dry, winter months. It forms a protective wall by sealing in moisture in our skin without smothering and clogging up the pores

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